2 Layer Metal Core PCB Aluminum Based PCB Manufacturers

2 Layer Metal Core PCB Aluminum Based PCB Manufacturers

ZITROK Capability Layer count: Rigid PCB 2 - 24 + Layers; Rigid-flex PCB 1 - 10Layers Panel Size(max): 21" x 24" for Rigid, 9.05'' x 47.2'' for FPC Materials: FR-4, roger, high-TG FR-4, halogen-free FR-4 Board thickness: 0.016" to 0.120" Copper weight: Heavy...

Product Details


At ZITROK PCB, we can not only print circuit boards to match your drawings, we can help you refine them so that they perform even better. We are Not Only Producing PCB, But Also Producing Solutions.

And our company principle is : You design the brain(PCB)of electronic equipment, we implement (custom) it efficiently and effectively.

Below is brief introduction of our PCB Capabilities. 

ZITROK focus on multilayer PCB and Rigid-flex PCB manufacturing, which are widely applied in mobile phone, automotive, telecommunication equipment, computers and higher-level electrical products. In order to better meet customer's demands, we also provide one-stop High-speed SMT and DIP Turnkey PCB Assembly service.

We generally build using materials from FR4,High Tg ,Rogers,Halogen-free material ,Teflon,Polyimide. We can attempt to acquire any material needed, or use Customer Supplied Materials if necessary.

The layers for Rigid PCB , we can manufacture 1-24 layer with 0.016 to 0.12 feet of PCB thickness and for Rigid-flex PCB can be up to 10 layer. 

We offer a wide range of surface finishes for circuit boards, such as ENi/IAu,OSP,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin.Our engineers can provide guidance if you’re unsure which surface finish or substrate is best for your design.

Should any of these items be of interest to you, don't hesitate to send the design files to us. We will quote for you in 2 hours.

Email me or just call me directly for further information ! 

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