Black Solder Mask 0.3mm Thick Double-sided 18um Copper PCB

Black Solder Mask 0.3mm Thick Double-sided 18um Copper PCB

Black solder mask 0.3mm thick Double-sided 18um copper pcb stack-up:thickness:18umCORE: 0.2mm0.2mm18umSpecifications:Material:FR4 Finish thickness:0.3mmLayers:2LSurface finish:Immersion goldCopper:18u

Product Details

Black solder mask 0.3mm thick Double-sided 18um copper pcb


CORE: 0.2mm0.2mm

Finish  thickness:0.3mm
Surface finish:Immersion gold
Min hole size:0.25mm
Min track W/D:3/3mil
Soldermask colour:Black
Board size:40*187.5/6up
Special technology:Small W/S

ZITROK is a reliable PCB provider with over 8 years' exporting experience, focused

on PCBs include the supply of Multi layer PCB (up to 24 layer) and Double Sided PCB. We also offer Automated Subcontract PCB Assembly, both Surface Mount and conventional and supply laser cut Solder Paste Stencils for use in Surface mount build.


Stable quality: All our PCBs are UL, ISO90001, RoHs certificated. we conduct inspections of every PCB and adopt strict inspection policy during each process for every PCB

Flexibility: We are flexible with delivery schedules and able to provide relatively fast turnaround on both sample and production quantities. 

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