Here at ZITROK, our Standard PCB service refers to full feature printed circuit boards (including PCB material FR4, HDI, Aluminum, Flex / Flex-rigid, Thick copper, High-Tg, Halogen-free, etc.) manufacturing services start from 1pc to 10,000+ pcs. Unlike prototype, the Standard PCB fabrication service has tighter production tolerances.

Our standard PCB manufacturing capabilities enable you to get finest quality PCB done with-in your desired quantity at competitive price. In this section, we'll focus on FR4 material PCB production capabilities. Other special PCB specifications can be found in the left column accordingly.

ZITROK expanded its business to PCB Assembly and parts sourcing services several years before. With both custom PCB fabrication, assembly and parts sourcing services all under one roof, we save your cost and time from disjointed relationships between phases of the process and enable you a better control of your budget and time schedule.Our turnkey or consigned PCB assembly service meets IPC Class 3 standards, it is ISO9001 certified, RoHS compliant. We can do both SMD, Through-hole and mixed assembly. Our assembly capabilities can be found in the following table.

Quality is the name of the game at ZITROK. To guarantee our work is always up to our own standards, we have adopted an inspection program based on the Institute of Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits's IPC-A-600 Rev H pictorial guide as well as the IPC-6012 manufacturing standards, depending on the level of inspection required for your project.

When you choose ZITROK, you get the knowledge and experience that comes from over four decades of building top quality PCBs. Explore the information below to learn about all our PCB manufacturing capabilities. Or, submit your files to ZITROK to see if your files meet the capabilities.

If you have any question or concern about our standard PCB specifications and capabilities, feel free to reach us through our Online Chat tool or directly email our SALES at We'll get back to you within one business day.