2016 China's electronic information industry profit growth

- Feb 27, 2017-

2017 China Electronic Information Industry Development Conference held in Beijing 21. Vice Minister of China's Ministry of industry and information technology Chen Zhaoxiong said at the meeting, China's electronics and information industry is in a critical period of transformation and development, the driving force of economic development and support continue to highlight.

2016, China's mobile phone market size, the market size of electronic components ranked first in the world, PC and tablet, communications network equipment, server market size after the United states.

China Electronics and Information Industry Association vice president and Secretary General Zhou Zixue introduction, in 2016 the rapid growth of China's electronics and information industry investment, orderly integration of resources. Electronic information industry more than 5 million yuan to complete the project investment in fixed assets of $10464 billion, an increase of 15.8%, higher than the national manufacturing investment growth rate of 11.6 percentage points.

In terms of trade, in 2016 China's total import and export of electronic information products fell by 6.4%, processing trade exports fell, the general trade export growth, accounting to improve the structural improvement. Mobile phone, digital camera, LCD panel, automatic teller machines, routers and other products of export price have increased over the previous year.

Chen Zhaoxiong believes that there are three main difficulties in 2017 electronic information industry: one is the key foundation is weak, the lack of core technology; the two is the industry overall is still in the low-end value chain; three is the surrounding countries and regions of homogeneous competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the international trade protection forces, China manufacturing is facing double pressure.

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