2016 PCB output forecast unchanged

- Oct 13, 2016-

     According to the state of the industry in 2015 PCB Japan and South Korea and other Asian region, ITRI analyst Dong Zhongming that Taiwan is currently 30.2% of the market share continued to hold the leading position in the world, nearly two years of South Korea Korean shipping terminal manufacturers because of atrophy, caused by South Korea's PCB market share fell sharply. While the Japanese manufacturers also changed the exquisite PCB industry strategy mining profit not for quantity, it will focus on the application of niche market competitors in less.

     In contrast, China manufacturers continue to use low-cost strategy to attack the market, caused no small threat to Taiwan industry. And China, PCB industry after the peak of growth, is also facing the bottleneck of growth, including how to cross the niche market into the mainstream market, the poor quality of the past established image of how to reverse, and the high order technology capacity investment is still lagging behind manufacturers in Taiwan... Wait。 Therefore, the future of the threat of land owned companies in Taiwan will continue to increase or decrease, it is worth careful study and analysis.

     In the future development of the market, the current market in the doldrums and the application of PC communication products have gradually entered the mature period, the car industry application is also regarded as the application of electronic www.pcblover.com a new opportunity, manufacturing experience, Taiwan circuit board industry has a wealth of cross-strait logistics capacity, have a good chance to enter the automotive electronics industry chain.

     In the PCB output, ITRI analyst Lin Songyao said that in 2015 October to Apple supply chain related manufacturers to pull goods high, but because the Apple better than expected sales, the manufacturers in the fourth quarter showed a downward trend month by month, but the overall PCB in the fourth quarter compared with the third quarter output still slight growth.

     In the fourth quarter of 2015, Taiwan circuit board manufacturers on both sides of the total output value of NT $152 billion 800 million, compared with the third quarter growth of 3.6%, compared with last year's growth of -0.6%. Therefore, 2015 of the total annual output value of 573 billion 200 million Taiwan dollars, the annual growth rate of 1.79%. Which should be noted that the depreciation of the RMB exchange rate in 2015 is about 5%, so in the overall U.S. dollar output value is negative growth.

     In the first quarter of 2016, due to the PCB vendor revenue is affected by the traditional seasonal factors, and Apple supply chain vendor revenue decline rate is relatively large, estimates of the first quarter of 2016 in Taiwan on both sides of output circuit board manufacturers amounted to approximately NT $133 billion, compared with the previous quarter -13.0% growth, compared with the same period last year growth of -1.6%. In 2016, Taiwan PCB estimated in 2016 the output value of cross-strait flat compared to last year, 1.07% growth of NT $579 billion 400 million, but still continue to focus on fluctuations in taiwan.

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