Analysis of the types and the difference of PCB circuit board

- Jun 07, 2016-

Types of PCB circuit boards:

FR4 glass fiber board, aluminum substrate, high frequency material board, FPC soft board, hard board, high TG board, halogen free board, ceramic board, 94HB board, 94VO board, 22F board, CME-1 half glass fiber, other board.

Technology Division board:

HASL, heavy gold plate, gold plate, antioxidant board, rosin board, carbon oil board, gold finger board, semi hole plate, plate impedance, buried blind holes, the HDI board, thick copper plate, thin plate, super thick, toothpick plate and other craft board

Industry division board:

Board LED lamp, electronic security, household appliances board, power board, instrument panel, control board, digital products, communication plate, plate in military, medical board, board test, key board, board computer, mobile phone board and other industries in

According to the number of layers:

PCB has a single panel and multi panel points. Multiple panels from the 2 board began to appear by 2 times the number of times. So there will be no 5 or so on 3.

So what is the difference between a single panel and a multilayer board?

Single panel lines in one side, the components placed on the other side. Most of the silk screen and parts placed in the side.

Multilayer board can be both positive and negative parts, lines and screen printing.

From a single panel to 2 layers of plywood to more than 4 layers, each plus two layers, the wiring area doubled. And the finished product is invisible to the naked eye.

According to the production of PCB substrate to divide: according to the substrate can be divided into rigid and flexible printed boards (also known as flexible printed board)

Flexible circuit board is a kind of highly reliable, flexible printed circuit board which is made of polyimide or polyester film as the base material. Referred to as the soft board or FPC, with high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness of the characteristics.

Mainly used in mobile phones, laptops, PDA, digital cameras, LCM, and many other products. For example, before we often use folding mobile phone, screen line every time you want to change, the screen line also belong to FPC bar.

PCB full name: Circuit Board Printed, translated as printed circuit board, its main function is to connect the electronic circuit device as the base: to provide connection circuit, as the original device support.

First of all, to understand the classification of PCB board:

By material, including

A) organic material;

B) inorganic material;

The product is divided into

A and Rigid PCB);

B) soft board PCB Flexible;

Rigid-Flex) hard and soft board PCB c;

The structure is divided into

(a) single panel (rarely used);

B) double sided board;

C) multilayer board;

HDI (d) (trend);

In the traditional PCB manufacturing industry, the previous PCB or FPC flexible substrate industry always be scrapped the test stand in the dustbin, or to some professional waste recycling recycling scrap of waste test planes, few of them know the test frame, and the price is in a piece of money sets, according to the price. He can only use the general waste recycling iron pillar, horn, the other will not use, causing some rusty wire and insulating boards are not comprehensive utilization, and environmental pollution, in order to reduce the PCB test frame of enterprise occupied space, environmental pollution, LDC has a new the idea is, PCB/fpc recovery test frame, reduce the waste of the test frame rate, and reasonable utilization of waste test to it to the place, the use of wire sheet lamination, purification renovation, needle sleeve compression spring Refining, LDC for environmental protection, but also for enterprises to save space and save cost.

Recycling all kinds of PCB test stand:

PCB dedicated test machine, circuit board industry high pressure testing machine, low pressure testing machine, optical line board high pressure testing machine, high precision PCB pressure testing machine, on the high pressure special testing machine, high pressure universal testing machine, automatic testing machine PCB board and FPC circuit board circuit board testing frame.

All kinds of metal substrates (copper substrate, aluminum substrate, iron base plate, ceramic substrate, etc.), the high-end circuit board ----HDl, the computer board and the board of the circuit board of the circuit board test stand.

Various precision single, double side, high multi layer, HDI, each metal substrate and FPC circuit board circuit board test stand.

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