Application of multi layer FPC in medical industry

- May 21, 2016-

Current status of domestic medical devices in China: with the rapid increasing of the aging population, people's health awareness is constantly strengthened. According to statistics, China's medical equipment market demand growth rate is higher than the global average growth rate. The growing demand of the market has promoted the development of portable medical electronic equipment in our country. The entire semiconductor industry is very optimistic about the medical electronic products, the current market is a common portable home medical electronic devices are mainly electronic pressure gauges, portable blood glucose meter and electronic hearing aids, etc.. However, due to China's large population base, these good use and convenient medical equipment has not been a large area of popularity. In Europe and the United States, blood pressure and blood glucose meter and other products have become necessary to detect a family of medical equipment. Market is not mature, including the domestic PCB copy board industry, including semiconductor and manufacturing enterprises is a huge potential market.

FPC copy board innovation to promote domestic medical electronic equipment

Domestic portable medical electronic equipment as consumer electronics, in our country is increasing year by year trend of development. For PCB copy board industry, the development of the faster, the greater the need for the more worthy of study. FPC copy board is a reverse technology research, is relative to the traditional positive research and the new concept. Belong to the emerging industry. PCB copy board with its fast and accurate absorbed the advantages of advanced technology, in the rapid development of information technology today, by the enterprises welcome. Under normal circumstances, if a new product design requires a week, PCB copy board three or four days will be able to successfully complete, greatly shorten the forward design of the replacement cycle.

In our country, the domestic portable medical electronic equipment has not been fully popularized, and the high demand of the market and the equipment manufacturers supply, the great difference between supply and demand has produced a wealth of profit space. In order to meet the market demand, FPC copy board to play its rapid cloning of imitation technology, for the needs of manufacturers to provide 100 percent of technical support. At the same time, in view of the different requirements, PCB copy board can also be innovative reforms, two R & D, not only can do exactly the same copy of the product, you can also re design new products.

Our FPC copy board industry is developing rapidly, in a short period of several decades, it has produced a number of companies engaged in reverse research. But not every company is a professional reverse technology research institute. Some companies have just stopped at the PCB copy board of the primary cloning stage, there is no deep technical research. And Shenzhen Huaxia science and Technology Co., Ltd., since its inception has been committed to reverse engineering, closely followed the international advanced PCB copy board technology development, cooperation and exchanges and cooperation with advanced institutions. Over the years, to provide customers with professional PCB copy board, copy board, chip decryption, MCU decryption, IC decryption, SMT processing, prototype production services, and by.

In the future, China's medical career is not only to develop the hospital's hardware facilities, but also to popularize the family and public places portable medical electronic equipment, to facilitate the treatment of disease at any time and place.

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