Automotive applications became the fastest growing market in the field of IC

- Oct 27, 2016-

      According to the latest report shows that the growth rate of the automobile industry demand for semiconductor wafer is higher than that of other applications, at the same time including computer and consumer electronics etc. the traditional mainstream application field of chip is growing slowly; and the Asia Pacific region has surpassed Europe as the largest car chip market.

      From 2014 to 2019, wafer demand from the automotive industry grew by an average annual growth rate of 6.7%, compared to the overall chip industry in the same period the average annual growth rate of 4.3% higher than 2%. The industry is divided into six application areas, namely, automotive, computer, consumer electronics, communications, government / military, and industrial / medical.

      The automobile industry on chip continued strong demand, one of the main reasons is the semiconductor element vehicles increasing connection and automation functions from more and more; and the automobile industry on chip demand, compared with other industries are more stable, because the product design and the production cycle is long.


      Wafers from the automotive industry average annual growth rate of 6.7%, compared with the overall chip industry in the same period the average annual growth rate of 4.3% higher than 2%

According to IC Insights, a new generation of car equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) the computational burden of the rapid rise in support of the broad sense distance, high detection precision, and algorithm implementation with higher performance is rapid and effective reaction of many different driving conditions.

2015 car sales will be IC in the overall IC sales of 2871 million accounted for 7.3%; but although other than growth terminal applications fast, IC vehicle in the field of the overall IC market occupies the proportion is not expected to increase too much, to 2019, the scale of up to $358 billion 700 million of the overall IC market proportion increased to 8.1% estimated by IC sales car.

      This is because the car with the IC average selling price (ASP) continued to decline, especially analog components, micro controller (MCU) as well as special application logic components, which limits the car with IC in the overall IC market, the proportion of more growth. Other Insights IC reports on the car with the IC market forecast also includes:Car IC market is expected to decline in 2015 1%, but in 2016 it is expected to grow to 7% of the size of 22 billion 200 million, and in 2019 to further grow to $29 billion 200 million.Asia Pacific region is expected to surpass Europe in 2015 to become the world's largest car with the IC market, and in 2019 will be the most powerful car with the IC regional market (CAGR up to 10.4%).

      Analog IC and micro controller will continue to forecast 2015 vehicle IC market's two largest product categories, the proportion was 44% and 30%; the car with memory IC market forecast in 2018 from $1 billion 600 million in 2015 doubled, to $3 billion 500 million.

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