Circuit board exhibition to promote the upgrading of the PCB industry

- Sep 05, 2016-

     As a global consumer of electronic products, China's PCB demand market has maintained a growth trend. From the statistics, at present China PCB has accounted for over 40% of the global market share, the scale of the industry ranked first in the world, and an average of 6% of the industry growth rate, so that the outside world agree to this emerging industry in the future. However, China PCB industry in the international market and did not match the digital strong dominance; on the contrary, in some high-end circuit board industry energy shortage, innovation is not enough, the problem is not in place on the precision and complexity requirements are to be solved, this process requires the PCB industry all aspects of continuous effort and pay.

     In addition to the PCB industry new technology breakthrough and achievements, the exhibition more opened "Shenzhen PCB Industry Development Forum", "trend, power development" as the goal, to invite well-known enterprises, senior industry experts and advanced PCB, the mobile communication device, high frequency, high tech materials, networking, car networking industry, 4 the robot automation "theme to share valuable knowledge, from material to manufacturing technology and equipment, from the component to the system, from the application to the new service, to discuss the new technology and new topic, about PCB will cover the entire PCB industry chain.

     PCB circuit board manufacturing process involves dozens of processes, including a plating process, so it will inevitably lead to a certain environmental pollution. Under the background of the current industry environment green, the green environmental protection has become the inevitable trend of enterprise development. For PCB manufacturers, to minimize pollution, the use of green energy technology, new materials technology, and the way the wisdom of production, the future of the PCB industry's most important breakthroughs and development.

     In the opening speech, the national industry and information technology, energy saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department deputy director Huang Jianzhong said that the circuit board as the basis of electronic equipment, in the entire electronics industry has a pivotal position. Production Chinese circuit board and the total output value in Asia and the world in the first place position, but at the same time the PCB industry as high energy consumption, high pollution industry, how to green production, green procurement, green manufacturing has become particularly important. And play a role of saving energy and reducing consumption, clean green industry alliance by PCB enterprises spontaneously formed in the PCB industry in the production process, he called on enterprises and individuals engaged in PCB industry can make an effort in promoting the production and development of green industry.

     In addition, the exhibition "new product conference" will showcase the latest PCB industry technology and latest products of a large number of PCB, focused on the promotion and display of the PCB industry chain of high-end products, technology research and development, green energy and wisdom of the development of automation, most of them in the original as the active force, with excellent product performance and industry value PCB guide the future the direction of development.

     This exhibition by the Shenzhen circuit board Industry Association (SPCA), Taiwan Board Association (TPCA), Guangdong province printed circuit industry association (GPCA), Reed Exhibitions (ReedExpo) sponsored by the Taiwan Association, circuit board (TPCA), Reed Exhibitions (ReedExpo) with a circuit board show rich development experience. The exhibition content is remarkable, it is worth looking forward to.

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