Common fault processing method for electronic circuit

- Dec 07, 2016-

Fault processing based to promptly remove electronic circuit must be based on accurate detection and judgment of fault on the focus of the work of electronic circuit fault handling should therefore is locate the fault position, following detailed discussion on fault detection method.

      1, direct observation method

The method of direct observation and observation method or sensory perception judgment method, without the aid of other means of detection equipment, judge the fault analysis but by human touch, smell, hearing, vision and other various senses of the electronic circuit, so as to locate the fault position, and then take the corresponding maintenance measures, the electronic components returned to normal working condition.

Direct observation method, including the power before and after the observation, which is mainly used in the electronic circuit before the use of the component is correct, the connection is not wrong, and then reverse the phenomenon. Power refers to the observation observation components with no burning smell, no smoke, the circuit has no color was brown or black.

       2, voltage, current measurement method

When the circuit voltage is not too high, it is more suitable for the measurement of electronic equipment, the relevant voltage values of each part, and the normal operating voltage values are compared to determine the fault situation. When the circuit is unstable, we can use the current measurement method to determine the fault location of the circuit. This situation is more complex, we need to use the flexibility of the relevant knowledge to determine the fault situation. Can also be combined with voltage measurement and current measurement to determine the fault location. For example, the current representation of a number of normal shows that the main circuit for the passage, the number of voltage is zero, the fault causes may be in parallel with the voltage meter. Neither voltage nor current showed no current through the table two, may be the main circuit fault.

       3, break the law

The circuit method can effectively detect the short circuit fault in the electronic circuit, that is, through the circuit breaker to reduce the scope of the fault, and ultimately determine the fault location. For example, if the use of power electronic circuits, when a line is connected with the circuit when the current increases suddenly, there are short circuit access in the branch cut through the method of locking the fault position, cut off a branch line if the current returned to normal, the short branch.

The electronic circuit fault is influenced by many factors, the two aspects of technical personnel from internal and external factors to comprehensive analysis, combining theory with practice, to accurately determine the fault type and the fault processing method, so as to achieve ease, effort, greatly improve work efficiency, and will bring electronic circuit fault to minimize the loss.

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