Complete PCB production process

- May 10, 2016-

1 Schematic element PCB design

If Protel components from the library needed components, directly to find out can be placed in the schematic diagram. If there is no needed components, you need to establish a new principle component library Sch.lib. Process: in the original component library to find element to the required tube feet the same number (or not) of elements, the first element placed in the schematic editor (i.e. Schdoc file), click the element, executive menu commands

Edit|Copy. At this time the cursor into cross cursor, move the cursor to the element, the mouse click to determine a reference point. And then switch to the need to edit the Sch.lib file, in the file in the newly created a device (Shortcut creat component and modify the name. In the lower right corner click Sch lib, the mouse cursor to the empty element name, click the right mouse button, in the pop-up amount shortcut menu, the implementation of the paste command, will be the element 1 paste to the new component library. Then modifying properties of the pin.Then execute the menu command Rule Check Report|Component, to carry out the measurement check.

2 Schematic diagram PCB design

New principle diagram file -- > loading component library (including loading to create their own element library) -- > placed components -- > schematic diagram for output wiring devices report to your correct mistakes --comile all projects<- first set the compile error reporting options (Reports/Bills of materials) output network news (if there is no level schematic can generate only a single document web reports that Design/Netlist for Document/Protel if level block diagram for item generation network report Design/Netlist for Project/Protel) in the schematic diagram of the PCB design, if the circuit diagram of a more complex, from to (or from the bottom to the hierarchical principle of PCB design.

3 component PCB package PCB design

Can use a same or similar components of the package, the were simple properties modification required packaging components. Specific operation process also is packaging components from the.PCBdoc to.PCBlib copy and modify the process. This will not repeat them.

Packaging components after modification, to enforce the rules Edit/Set Preference/pin 1 setup package reference point in the first pin. Then we have performed Report/Component rule check settings complete to check and OK. So far, the packages to build is completed.

4.PCB design

First create a new PCB file, in the case of the package lib has been loaded into the network table.

Component automatic layout. Before this step, you need to set the size of the PCB, you have to give him planning the size and shape. Click on the bottom of the layer keep-out, and then place menu, select the line, and then draw a rectangle on the black bottom line, the size of your own choice.

Note: at this time the painting line for pink! This indicates that you are in the layer keep-out in the planning board size.

And then automatically layout, wiring can be carried out smoothly. Performing Placement/Auto Placer Tools/Auto, automatic component layout. If you do not carry out the above operation, you will appear valid keepout is defined on this board.Autoplacement cannot proceed. No status.

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