Development of diversified PCB needs

- May 13, 2016-

Existing PCB application commodity market is still taking computer, communication products, in the global large-scale computer and communications industry city accounted for poor performance, joint direct impact of amount and revenue of PCB, and information and communications products growth slows down, the whole PCB market demand decline, PCB industry to sustainable development has become an urgent need to break the key, view the current development trend of electronic products in the market, find information and communications products continued toward the lightweight and thin in the direction of development, electronic terminal equipment except for the development of intelligent and continues towards the wearable application extreme miniature to the direction of integration.

2013 can be said to be a year of wearable device concept brewing and collision, from the wisdom of the bracelet, smart glasses and even the wisdom of all kinds of watches can be wearable devices have mushroomed launched related products from the masses scene management, emergent industry, or break the previous information communication manufacturer angle, by movement or non IT industry horizontal integration introduced new concept of commodity, the original concept of products after several years concept and practical after the collision, 2014 in wearable application products gradually matures, advance the development of the information and communications products industry the main thrust of the.

Highly integrated miniature intelligent terminal

Overview of 2014 PCB market application trend, due to shrinking market desktop or laptop computer, dosage, terminal sales to smart phones, tablet computer market is brisk, and PCB usage due to different products and continued to decrease, toward thinness, high density, multilayer board to the direction of integration, but also because of the intelligent terminal equipment of continuous miniature product size, flexible circuit board demand amount also has positive promotion.

And tablet computers, smart phones using the embedded processor platform and continued toward the SOC of highly integrated direction, general purpose processor integrated memory, storage components and communication function core application unit, also let the electronic circuit carrying board demand drastically reduced, the electronic circuit micro shrinkage after instead is continued to increase the amount of the soft circuit board for terminal products thin, lightweight demand sophisticated.

Wearable device 2014 will burst massive demand for related products can be expected

The same situation also appeared wearable applications boom started to appear in 2014 the amount of violence, smart Bracelet products as an example, in the smart Bracelet products used in the design, is mainly used to record all dynamic constant when the wearer, through the MCU MEMS users of the whole sensor collocation acquisition activity record in wearable hardware architecture products from the MCU (low) collocation MEMS sensor integration, while additional low-power Bluetooth wireless communication with the battery module, electronic circuit layout is relatively simple, in order to shape and wear accessories design or motor application integration, flexible high flexible circuit board is wearable applications preferred, the same situation also appears in the development of Google Google Glass smart glasses products, because the available space configuration of products is relatively small, the use of integrated circuit packaging process integration of electronic circuit, circuit soft collocation Board integrated connector, touch control module or key sensor, has been the mainstream in the application of the common design direction.

Unlike the more amount of desktop or laptop computer, PCB dosage, PCB dosage is also special increasing, related applications can not be ignored, for example in automotive electronics, energy saving car / smart car integration trend, increasing import car use amount of ECU and electronic electrical equipment demand, not only promote the positive development of automotive electronics the market also increases with PCB car market demand, but also energy-saving LED lighting applications under the concept, because the terminal LED lighting bulb, lamp plate market demand increases, even enhance the application requirements of corresponding PCB circuit board, and automotive electronics, LED lighting applications, the special needs of the amount of PCB is PCB led the market momentum, in the ICT product development direction in miniaturization. The dosage of PCB is less and less situation, slightly made up of PC/NB market demand slowdown in consumption.

Focus on the future product high added value application

But PCB market in the long-run, depend on the tablet computer, smartphone or wearable application needs to boost the market consumption of kinetic energy is limited, except for the related products in the electronic circuit is highly integrated and miniature products configuration trend, the amount of PCB more and less, although drive high efficiency of the flexible circuit board usage, however, the amount of conventional PCB needs little help, PCB market huge growth situation should have little chance, but is focus on the future products, novel applications create high added value application of greater opportunity.

Just don't wearable application, advanced intelligent handheld device driven by a high precision multi laminate or integrated circuit integrated package worth looking forward to, related to miniaturization of information communication equipment driven by the flexible circuit board demand is exuberant, and the derivative such as medical electronic and innovative applications although application market volume is not large, but special application with high gold content, the added value is generally more PCB or a flexible circuit board more high, but also the future of PCB industry can continue to focus the direction.

Also observe, market status, brand smart phones are still continued to show high growth, market research firm IDC research pointed out that in 2013, smartphone shipments estimated will reach 3.6 billion, estimated 2014 shipments continued to high magnitude positive growth, global information and communication industry brand still actively involved in the new electronic products development and production, at present to wearable devices, automotive electronics, medical electronics and other emerging applications market become each PCB manufacturers actively layout target.

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