Development of PCB design technology

- Feb 13, 2017-

PCB is closely related with people's daily life, small individuals often use mobile phone, digital camera, notebook computer, the family often use a wireless router, desktop computer, the use of nuclear magnetic resonance to the hospital and other medical equipment, telecom operators to use the wireless base station, data center servers and other products, all need to use PCB.

PCB design, often referred to as PCB Layout, with the continuous development of electronic products, PCB design can be divided into the following three stages of development.

The first stage, electronic products signal rate is relatively low and there is not a series of challenges such as signal integrity, PCB design focus of this stage is to solve the problem of the connectivity that is in accordance with the principle of the circuit components placed in the drawings and wiring design through line connectivity, without considering too many factors.

The second stage, electronics signal rate becomes higher, the signal integrity problem, PCB design of this phase of the emergence of the concept of "Rule Driven Design"; the so-called "Rule Driven Design", before is the official design in PCB, through the simulation analysis or demand decomposition various aspects of design requirements into specific design rules of PCB design to achieve and can be operated by professional software to define and design drawings, so in the design and implementation of PCB at the same time, can meet the needs of real-time monitoring of the situation, to ensure that the function and performance of circuit board.

The third stage, the miniaturization of products, new materials and new technology, high density design, PCB design of this phase needs characteristics and characteristics of more familiar materials and technology, based on PCB general design method considering the special requirements of product design such as: high density HDI board design, the chip package substrate design etc..

More and more rely on the PCB design tools and EDA platform design software, design idea and method of circuit board designers not only need basis, also need to understand the new requirements of the development of new products and new technology of PCB design.

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