Development potential of PCB connector

- Sep 20, 2017-

The PCB connector works as follows: a printed circuit is usually printed on an insulating material, made of a printed circuit, printed component, or both, according to a predetermined design. A conductive pattern that provides electrical connections between components on an insulating substrate is called a printed circuit. In this way, the printed circuit or printed circuit board is called printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board or printed circuit board.

PCB series JunYong connectors are widely used in aviation, railway projects, industrial projects, aerospace projects, test equipment of ship system, electric sightseeing vehicle; UPS; communication power; high current battery charger. The preferred connectors and other products. The connector is made of PBT material and has excellent electronic and motor characteristics. It can be widely used in industry.

The PCB connector has a pedestal, no base, waterproof and waterproof. A base can better guarantee the PCB connector with fastening together; no base is in the form of this socket, PCB plate pinhole position accuracy of a few requirements, can also save the internal space makes the product more compact. As for waterproof and waterproof, it is decided according to the product itself.

PCB China connector industry is one of the few without one of the global economic recession affected areas, due to strong market demand at home and abroad, along with the development of electronic devices to higher transmission speed and more compact, the connector also followed this trend, so the chip connector, fiber optic connectors, cable broadband connectors and small pitch connector, pogo pin suitable for all kinds of portable / connector products of wireless electronic devices is expected to become the future star products.

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