Development status and trend of PCB instruments and equipment in China

- Nov 02, 2016-

     China PCB output first in the world, the number of enterprises is also the world's largest, but the production of the necessary equipment, equipment and raw materials and other key industries are supporting the lack of development, the development of Chinese PCB equipment and the PCB industry is very similar to the characteristics is a late start, low grade, technical content is not high, although the low-end equipment can replace imported, but the high-end equipment, testing instruments, mostly foreign monopoly, low self-sufficiency rate. In 2010, the size of the domestic PCB equipment and equipment, accounting for only 125 billion 200 million of the total output value of 23.2% yuan, the market share of foreign equipment is about 80% (Prismark data).

Domestic PCB equipment is rapidly developing

     The domestic PCB equipment investment is more and more big, some special equipment in the strong core technology breakthrough, its products every year, more and more professional, it is worth mentioning that China has a number of high-end equipment to many top PCB companies at home and abroad, and successfully established the feet, the product has entered the global forefront of the relevant segments.

Trend of domestic PCB instrument and equipment technology

     With the PCB industry gradually to the high density, high integration, fine lines, small aperture, large capacity, light in the direction of development, technological content and complexity continues to increase, its production is more and more difficult, making many PCB must rely on advanced PCB equipment, and equipment requirements will be more and more high.

A new generation of PCB equipment can not only have a complete string, small functional requirements, but also more and more intelligent, automation, improve production efficiency several times, a large number of PCB previous manufacturing technology often has been integrated into PCB special equipment.

     Without high-end equipment and equipment, the production of high-end HDI, FPC, IC board. Although the current domestic has a small part of the development of better PCB dedicated equipment and equipment business, but in general, domestic high-end equipment is still a lack of equipment, resulting in the PCB industry chain is not complete. So, the equipment enterprises in China PCB instrument needs further development, increase investment in research and development, introduction and training of professional and technical personnel, enhance the company's own level, improve the performance of the quality of the domestic PCB equipment, improve the average level of domestic PCB equipment.

     The China PCB industry started late, compared with Japan, Europe and the United States, Taiwan and other countries and regions have a certain gap, vigorously develop the domestic PCB equipment, will become the focus of national development and the core Chinese PCB industry in the future.

     Therefore, the future demand for high-end equipment PCB large amount of equipment, which is an opportunity for domestic PCB equipment and equipment enterprises, the development of high-end equipment and equipment is imminent. Domestic PCB equipment as long as the performance of similar quality, with cost and after-sales service and other advantages of the formation of the local environment, and establish a national brand, domestic equipment and equipment accounted for a substantial increase in market share is an inevitable trend.

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