Development trend of new technology for producing SMB

- Sep 22, 2017-

CAD / CAM system

Manufacturing SMB requires advanced CAD workstation hardware, CAD / CAM software, database software, expert system software and network system software for designing surface mount printed boards.

The CAM should include PCB design input, the circuit graphics editing, correction, repair and up to disk as the medium material, and output light draw, drilling and testing (including AOI and electrical automation data detection).

Fabrication technology of high precision photographic plate

Light painting machine to the development of high precision and high speed direction, using laser mapping system to replace the ordinary light painting machine, optical plotting system of Orbotech company is the representative of Israel, in the past more than 10 hours as the photographic film, now as long as ten minutes to complete, and improve the accuracy of up to O.O03mm, the system consists of CAM laser workstation. Some plotter and ancillary equipment, and is equipped with powerful software, because this equipment is expensive and high degree of specialization, so there have been laser light painting professional company.

Drilling technique for small holes and micro holes

Because the metal holes on the SMB only for each other, so the pore size is as small as possible, and the need to drill a hole with small diameter microporous high toughness of cemented carbide drill; computer NC drilling machine of high speed, high stability and high accuracy; can reduce the drift and drilling bit, special plate heat plate material and peck drilling technology or using laser drilling technology to drill holes, in order to improve the efficiency of NC drilling machine, automatic loading and unloading abroad.

Laser direct imaging

Scanning laser direct imaging without direct laser scanning in the photographic film, special photosensitive dry film imaging, because it does not need film, so as to avoid the negative impact of the defect and repair version, and can be directly connected to the CAD / CAM, shorten the production cycle, improve the positioning accuracy, suitable for small batch varieties production.

For the manufacture of high precision thin wire drawing, in addition to improve the photoresist performance, but also must pay attention to CCl surface treatment process, because the nylon abrasive brush roller has deep scratches on the surface of copper foil, influence of thin wire imaging, easy to form the break or gap, so the development of floating powder wipe machine and chemical cleaning the equipment to replace the nylon abrasive brush roller brush machine, high precision, fine wire imaging but also pay attention to the exposure process, select the appropriate exposure machine, using the parallel light exposure can improve the accuracy of equipment.

Automatic optical inspection (AOI) technique for fine wire pattern appearance

When the fine wires to O.1-0.15mm, has been unable to use the visual inspection of wire gap, circuit breaker, pinhole, lateral erosion and other defects, must adopt the automatic optical detection device, especially for multilayer boards with fine lines, AOI can effectively improve the rate of finished products, finished products to prevent scrap, because although this equipment is very expensive, but for the plywood production or cost-effective.

AOI has now become an essential equipment in fine wire multilayer manufacturing.

SMB surface treatment technology

As mentioned above, the SMB connection on the disc surface treatment using hot melt electroplated coatings of tin lead alloys or vertical solder coating layer made of hot air leveling connection plate surface is curved and uneven thickness, the mount sMD positioning for double-sided and multilayer SMB to a horizontal type hot air leveling and chemical coating technology other plating (coating) coatings, which is connected to the disk surface. Coated with a new type of water-soluble heat-resistant pre welding flux on bare copper can also replace the hot air leveling process. The flatness meets the requirements of SMB, and has excellent resistance to oxidation and good weldability after long-term storage.

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