Flexible circuit board factory price composition

- Jun 07, 2016-

Even if the number of years of flexible circuit board procurement experience so far may not fully understand the whole story, Dafan electronic factory purchasing personnel have confused by the changing price of flexible circuit board. In fact, the flexible circuit board price is composed of the following factors.

One, flexible circuit board factory materials caused by different prices

Board material generally have PETPI, plate thickness ranging from 0.0125mm0.10mm, copper thickness from Oz3Oz different, to ordinary double sided board as an example. All of these materials in a plate on the cause of a huge price difference; the brand of the material also has a certain price difference, and thus the difference between the price of the material.

Two, flexible circuit board used in the production process of the diversity of prices

Production of the accuracy of the shape, different production processes will result in different costs. Such as gold plate and hasl. The use of silk screen lines and dry film lines will form a different cost, resulting in a variety of price of the circuit board factory.

Three, flexible circuit board itself is difficult to make the price diversity

Same process, even if the same material. But the difficulty of the flexible circuit board itself will result in different costs. As two kinds of circuit boards have 1000 holes, a board aperture are larger than 0.6mm and another piece of plate aperture were less than 0.6mm will form different drilling cost; such as two kinds of circuit boards to another of the same, but line width from different, a were greater than 0.15mm a were less than 0.15mm will cause different production costs, because the difficulty of the blackboard newspaper waste rate higher, cost is bound to increase, resulting in the diversity of the price.

Four, different customer requirements will result in different prices

If a board according to -6013class1 IPC-A requirements have 98% pass rate, customer requirements will directly affect the level of the circuit board factory finished product rate. However, according to the class3 requirements may only 90% pass rate, which caused the plate factory of different costs, and finally lead to the change of product prices.

Five, flexible circuit board manufacturers caused by different price diversity

But because of different manufacturers of process equipment, technical level is different, even the same product. But also the formation of different cost, nowadays many manufacturers like production gold plate, because the process is simple, low cost, but there are also part of the manufacturers in the production of gold-plated board, scrap increases, resulting in cost and improve, so he would have preferred production spray tin or tin plate and he tin spraying blackboard newspaper price instead than gold plate low.

Six, different payment methods caused by price differences

Range of 5%-10% ranging from the current flexible circuit board factory in general will be different adjustment of the payment method of flexible circuit board prices. Thus also caused the difference in price.

Seven, regional differences in price diversity

From the south to the north, the current domestic from the geographical location. Price increases by the potential of different regional prices have a certain difference, and thus regional differences also caused the price diversity.

Flexible circuit board price diversity is the intrinsic factor of this column can only provide a general price range, through the above discussion is not difficult to see. For reference, the specific price or, of course, direct contact with manufacturers.

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