Flexible circuit board industry outlook

- Jun 30, 2016-

Insiders said that with the explosive growth of wearable devices, flexible displays and smart devices, the demand for flexible circuit boards increased significantly. Under the background of light, thin, short and small design of electronic products, there is a great opportunity to promote the development of the related equipment.

Optical rhyme up to [0.80% funding research report]: the company has a flexible circuit board laser forming service; laser template flexible circuit board laser molding service revenue is ranked first in the same industry.

In addition, the company released the 2016 semi annual results notice, is expected in the first half of 2016 attributable to shareholders of the listing Corporation's net profit rose 0%-30%.

Revenue to achieve steady growth, performance continued rapid growth trend: Overall, 2016 first quarter operating income continues to achieve steady growth, main reason is that, smart card chip business continued rapid growth at the same time, special IC customers expand smoothly, drive special integrated circuit business income stable growth. Net profit continued rapid growth is a major reason is, for the steady growth of the company's overall operating income at the same time, the company in a single quarter year-on-year gross margin to enhance the 8.25 percent, profit ability to enhance the overall performance of the company growth provides strong support.

Smart card industry to maintain high economic, special integrated circuit made of alternative steadily: we would like to reiterate that China's smart card industry still maintain high economic, the company as a domestic smart card chip, leading the company, will undoubtedly become the www.pcblover.com smart card industry boom obvious beneficiaries. Special integrated circuit is related to national information security, national information security background, special integrated circuit localization alternative to accelerate development. Company in customer in the field of special integrated circuit development has achieved positive results, customer number is increasing year by year, SIP (SIP) business module has been achieved small quantities of shipments, special integrated circuit prospects for the future development of worth looking forward to.

Big data application service leader is rising. Endogenous epitaxial simultaneously, the company's basic software, cloud computing, mobile Internet and big data platform prototype is now four. Company to middleware, cloud computing, mobile information based platform, to a large data center for critical around the data exchange and transmission platform, government data, big data information security field open innovative big data applications. Big data wave struck, the company's deep accumulation of large data technology, combined with the operator, the government and other industries, will share the industry boom feast.

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