Global PCB industry trends and developments

- Mar 10, 2016-

In China become electronic products manufacturing country at the same time, printed circuit board production facilities in the world also transfer to China, not only domestic manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the expansion of production capacity, foreign-funded enterprises also accelerated transfer to China, new production capacity, making the printed circuit board industry investment rapid temperature rise.

This round of industrial transfer the most important source of power in two aspects of cost and application of industrial chain: from a cost point of view, China in labor, land, water, resources and policy has great advantage; vigorous development of downstream industries in China, the whole world manufacturing transfer to China provides a huge market demand for space. China due to the downstream industry concentration and labor, land costs relatively low, becoming the region's strong momentum of development, has become the world's most important printed circuit board production base, the printed circuit board manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, total output value, total output of both ranking first in the world.

Chinese manufacturers in the ordinary single panel, double sided boards and low layers of plywood, has been in the international market advantage; on the other hand, in the bullish market for multi-layer circuit board huge demand, China's domestic manufacturers by strengthening R & D, Yin Jinxian in process equipment and strengthen the process management and quality control etc., but also want to in the field of high layer to expose the head foot.   

Market capacity

Development of printed circuit board industry in China in recent ten years and, due to the advantages of low production cost of the domestic market potential, attracting foreign investment have entered, prompted China printed circuit board industry in the short span of a few years will show explosive growth, nearly five years by a factor of growth of China printed circuit board industry, has become the world's largest printed circuit board production area. 2013 global printed circuit board production value of US $, China's printed circuit board output value of about US $, accounting for about 39.8% of the world, China has become the world's largest printed circuit board industry base. In 2015, the market sales will reach $278 million.

In the lower reaches of the electronic terminal products manufacturing base group together, there is no doubt that China continued to be the world's largest regional and 44.4% in 2013 the market share, is expected to 2017 will grow to 45.6%; and South Korea to brand driven printed circuit board industry growth effect, coupled with the production line to local layout based, therefore 2013 Korean regional market accounted for 14.8%; officially surpassed 13.6% of the Taiwan region, become a global ranking the second production areas. On both sides of the Taiwan Chinese, due out production proportion, Western Taiwan region's production capacity, compression ratio, but the Taiwan regional output will still maintain growth of about 2% by year by year.

For products, mainland China to market demand for the production of a large number of the most low order single double-sided, multilayer board product, in 2013 accounted for mainland China whole printed circuit board production accounted for as high as 60%, the main lock application areas include: PC, Nb, communications, consumer electronics, such as the; HDI, soft board ranking for the second and third big production, mainly used in mobile phones and other mobile devices, and in the IC carrier part of the plate still lags far behind Japan, Taiwan, Korea and other countries and regions. The application of products in mainland China to widely used multilayer, to consumer electronics is the largest application accounted for about three; followed by HDI and soft board more communication products, accounting for about 25%.   

Development trend

With the explosive growth of wearable devices, mobile Internet devices, traditional printed circuit board market and is more suitable for small intelligent integrated device of flexible circuit will usher in an outbreak of demand. In 2013 the global flexible printed circuit board market reached $11 billion 321 million, an increase of 9.4%, is expected in 2015 the market size will reach $12 billion 686 million. Flexible printed circuit board is mainly used to display (LCD panel and touch screen) and computer (hard disk and CD-ROM) and communications (mobile phone), with intelligent equipment miniaturization and portability. The future of the flexible printed circuit board field will usher in a certain room for growth.

China printed circuit board industry under the situation of domestic growth and global production capacity continues to transfer, coupled with the rise of China's all kinds of electronic products and led all the printed circuit board industry have strong role in promoting, the next five years China printed circuit board industry will continue to maintain rapid growth, industry scale accounted for the global proportion in 2014, up to 42%. Future printed circuit board production and manufacturing technology development trend in the performance to the high density, high precision, pore diameter, thin wire, small spacing, high reliability, multilayer, high-speed transmission, light weight, thin direction.


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