Gold plated PCB line quality problems and measures of golden finger

- Oct 19, 2017-

In the connector plating, due to contact with the higher requirements of electrical properties, gold plating process has obvious important position in the connector plating. In addition to the current part of the connector strip by selective plating technology, a large number of the remaining parts of the pinhole hole with gold plating is for plating and vibration in recent. Years to the development of more and more small size connector, the pinhole parts of the hole plating quality problems become increasingly prominent, the quality of the gold layer users are increasingly high requirements, some users of the gold layer appearance quality even reached a very picky degree.

When the outer surface thickness of the plating piece reaches or exceeds the specified thickness value, the inner hole of the welding wire hole or the jack hole is very thin and even has no gold layer.

In order to ensure the connector jack in Jack has a certain flexibility in the plug when used in the product design of most species are Jack is a split slot in the mouth. In the process of plating plating up part of Jack on the opening in the mutual inserted together resulting in the difficulty of inserting hole plating of power each line of screen.

The pore size of some kinds of the pin connector in the design of the needle bar diameter is slightly smaller than the welding line hole, pin part will form in the electroplating process caused by welding the wire hole is connected into the gold plating. (see illustration) above two phenomena in vibration easily occur. Gold Plated.

When the total surface area of the low volume connector relatively single slot plating is large, so in the plating pieces if a small pinhole single slot plating anode area of the original more. It is not enough. Especially when the platinum titanium mesh used for a long time platinum loss is too much, the effective area of anode will decrease, which will affect the gold deep plating ability, plating hole plating will not enter.

From product design to eliminate factors affecting the quality of electroplating

First of all, in the connector product design, we should take into account the possible impact on the electroplating process, try to avoid the improper design considerations to the quality of electroplating hidden dangers.

On a jack shaped opening, the first cleavage groove from mouth to mouth edge of the central oblique angle of 45 openings, and then along the mouth of the central vertical downward. If Jack cross opening, closing the chain jack can be split recess less than the width of the jack wall thickness.

Reducing and avoiding the phenomenon of inserting each other in gold plating

The pin bar size of the pin should always be slightly larger than the size of the wire hole or the length of the milling arc of the wire hole, so as to avoid the contact between the pin and the end of the plating.

A transverse through hole is designed at the bottom of the blind hole to make the plating solution go smoothly in the hole

Electroplating is carried out with advanced electroplating equipment and advanced gold plating process.

After removing the disadvantageous factors of the product design, the quality of the gold-plated coating of the connector is obviously better than that of the barrel plating by vibrating electroplating equipment.

The reverse pulse plating power supply for gold electroplating power supply, the deep hole parts hole quality than DC plating effect. In the use of the PPR (Periodic Pulse Peverse) is the ratio of the size of the power supply, the key is the reverse current, time ratio must be selected, otherwise does not embody the best results. (3) electroplating production at present most of the online Baodi company provides the power plant configuration, I use the company's vibration electroplating automatic line connector for gold, I plant to use the company's vibration electroplating automatic line connector for gold, coating quality effect has significantly increased.

Provide the gold plating technology patent type there are many domestic companies at present, gold plating process like Shipley company, Kchibo company and Angus Enthone company for gold plating quality stable connector. In addition, many of the older generation of electroplating workers in China have developed some more practical gold plating processes on the basis of advanced plating formula abroad by using their own rich electroplating experience. Domestic users in effect after you use some identity of their gold plating process.

In the process of gold plating of connectors, there are many factors that affect the quality of the coating. With the rapid development of China's electronic industry, some new quality problems will emerge. But as long as we made from every step of the connector, find the root causes of these problems, the scientific management of the various production processes, as well as by electroplating advanced equipment and technology, these quality problems will be smoothly done or easily solved.

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