High frequency PCB market outlook optimistic

- Jun 13, 2016-

Wireless infrastructure needs to provide enough low insertion loss, in order to effectively improve the efficiency of energy utilization. With the advent of the 4G business, RF products need to provide a wider bandwidth, and is compatible with 3G, 2G business. At the same time, the base station is becoming smaller and smaller, more and more light, and installed to the top of the tower, which also led to the development of a small circuit board.

In the tablet PC and other handheld devices, many manufacturers are seeking to make the antenna miniaturization of the material. Handheld devices contain a lot of antennas (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular communications and GPS, etc.), these antennas are installed in a very small space, and can not interfere with each other. At the same time, each company's antenna design is not the same, need to have flexibility. This puts forward high request to the circuit board material.

In order to cope with the demand, Rogers, company development this year the RO4 3 6 0G2 (RO4 360 second generation products, relative to the first generation of products, the relative thermal index higher) high frequency circuit materials, RO4 835 high frequency circuit materials, RO470 0JXR (RO472 5JXR and RO4730JXR) antenna level layer plate and ro3010 high dielectric constant materials products. Liu Jianjun, vice president of the Asia market, said: "these products are just a few customers demand, but when the product is launched, but there are many customers interested in this."

Rogers Corporation of advanced circuit board materials business department of Asia market development manager Yang Xi said that the high-frequency sheet is widely used, can cover most of the market are used: base station power amplifier design requirements used in high power, low insertion loss and materials; antenna applications requiring board with a certain hardness and very good passive intermodulation index; automotive applications sheet has a long-term reliability and tolerance to high temperature, kinds of applications of mobile phone and high-speed circuit is also very rich.

The design of power amplifier attaches great importance to the heat dissipation performance and insertion loss of the plate. Rodgers has a RO3 035 HTC plate, its insertion loss of 0.0017, thermal conductivity of 1.44, very suitable for power amplifier applications. Insertion loss is small means less heat generation, plus good thermal performance, can quickly put heat shed, which makes circuit board surface temperature and power amplifier tube temperature decreases.

In antenna applications, is also very important to insertion loss, but more important is the passive intermodulation index. Rodgers RO4725JXR and RO4730JXR grade laminate antenna has good intermodulation index. At the same time, in some application scenarios of the antenna, it is also required to have a certain hardness, or the design of multilayer board. 0JXR RO470 series of plate based on hydrocarbon resin system, with sufficient hardness, and can be as the same as FR-4 sheet for processing and mixing, very suitable for this type of application.

Automotive radar applications is a rapidly growing field, this year's market than last year, last year, more than double the previous year. Automotive applications need to be resistant to high temperatures, and have good long-term reliability. The antioxidant properties of the Rogers RO4835 high-frequency circuit board material is ten times the RO4 3 5 0 B can be used in high temperature for a long time, and DK (dielectric permittivity), DF (loss angle tangent value) changes are very limited.

Yang Xi said that the development trend of the circuit board is to provide lower insertion loss, better heat dissipation, wider bandwidth, higher rate. Rodgers made a lot of meaningful attempts this year, such as the introduction of a higher dielectric constant sheet, which can be an optional range of 1.96~10.2. Whether it is to reduce the volume, increase the degree of isolation, or want the whole amplifier to enhance heat dissipation, can be found in the Rodgers plate series of products.

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