how many kinds of material are there on the PCB circuit board ?

- Jun 14, 2017-

With the development and progress of electronic technology, PCB circuit board has a variety of manufacturing materials, with different performance characteristics, and can meet the requirements of different industries.

1, according to the CCL, can be divided into rigid copper clad laminate and flexible copper clad laminate.

Usually rigid copper clad laminates are intermittently laminated. Flexible copper clad laminates are heavily used to form copper foil on polyimide or polyester films. The finished product is soft and has excellent folding resistance. In recent years, with the load type semiconductor package (TBA) and other development, with its need for organic resin ribbon packaging substrate, also appeared in the glass fiber cloth, epoxy resin and liquid crystal polymer film and other thin copper clad zone shape products.

2, according to the insulation material, structure, can be divided into organic resin, copper clad laminate, metal core (core) copper clad laminate, ceramic based copper clad laminate.

Metal clad copper clad plate is usually composed of three parts: metal substrate, insulating medium and conductive layer (usually copper foil). One or both surfaces of a metal substrate to be chemically or electrochemically treated are coated with an insulating dielectric layer and a copper foil, which is compounded by hot pressing. According to the structure, composition and properties of metal clad copper clad laminate, there are many kinds of copper clad laminates.

3, according to the thickness of copper clad plate, it can be divided into thick plate and thin plate.

An epoxy resin clad laminate with a thickness of between 0.8 and 3.2mm (including Cu) is called a thick plate, and an epoxy resin laminate less than 0.8mm is a sheet (IPC standard 0.5mm). Epoxy glass cloth CCL thickness below 0.8mm thin board is suitable for punching processing, and it can also be used as the core material required in the fabrication of multilayer board.

4, according to the different reinforced materials can be divided into glass cloth laminate, paper base copper clad laminate composite base copper clad laminate.

Glass cloth CCL common epoxy resin (FR 4, FR-5), it is the most widely used type of glass fiber cloth at. In addition, there are other special resins (glass fiber cloth, poly amide fiber, non-woven fabrics, etc.) to increase the material: bismaleimide modified resin (BT), polyimide resin (PI), two sub ether resin (PPO, etc.).

5, according to the flame retardant properties of CCL classification, can be divided into flame retardant and non flame retardant two kinds of plate.

With more attention to environmental protection, a new type of CCL containing no bromine is identified in flame retardant CCL, which can be called "green flame retardant CCL"". The performance classification of CCL is divided into general performance CCL, low dielectric constant CCL, high heat resistance CCL (general board of L above 150 degrees), low thermal expansion coefficient of CCL (commonly used for packaging substrate) and so on.

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