How to achieve low cost PCB design and layout?

- Feb 17, 2017-

PCB design is a major trend is gradually inclined to open source hardware model and control system, another major trend is the explosive growth of the development board, PCB design tools are being used in more and more development board design. 

With more and more PCB design and development board is also using the collocation, fender was used to drive the hydraulic device and the servo motor or the light and sound of action, according to the mission, PCB design trends tend to open source hardware model and control system.

Another major trend in PCB design is the explosive growth of the development board.

Nevertheless, since its birth, PCB design has not fundamentally changed. PCB design innovation in the field of technology has been focused on reducing development cost and shorten development time in PCB, but the layout is always basically consistent, changing only components and product properties - use which is caused by the most fundamental reason of the complex design.

In the face of fierce competition, shortening the product design cycle is critical to engineers and managers. The design cycle has a decisive effect on the time when the product is put on the market, and the PCB layout is often used to make up for the delay of the design process.

In response to these challenges, vendors are in urgent need of available resources for development tools, including the availability of interoperability with artificial and computer tools. These development tools are easy to use, with extended performance, and can be connected to other time-consuming design stages of the design process.

Some of the projects in the electronics industry's high-end market can be used to analyze the actual design of the designer, how the chip works internally, and how the chip will respond to its peripheral products. For engineers, the question is how they can get to the point with the least amount of effort and the least error without a bit of luck.

The survey also made an investigation into the factors that the engineers took into consideration when choosing PCB software, such as price, functionality, ease of use, service support and so on. The results of the survey clearly show that most design engineers pay more attention to functionality rather than price when buying a design tool, and 60% of respondents believe that functionality is "extremely important". Has been to provide users with super functional products, but to meet the needs of users for each generation of software products more and more challenging. Engineers need to be able to optimize the design time, but also for them to create more time for innovation and testing of software products.

EAGLE is the global engineer favorite, is widely used in the development from the open source hardware to various collaborative projects, including electric cars, car racing, micro satellite, commercial walking on the moon and other types of projects. The secret of EAGLE's success is that it is not only suitable for beginners, but also to meet the needs of advanced users, can provide them with a variety of options in order to greatly reduce the design and testing process time.

Although engineers have worked out the material cost (BOM) in line with the project budget and schedule, and are ready to start making PCB, they often need to send out the material cost and wait for the decision. Therefore, engineers need to get a feature tool from a reliable high-quality service partners, in order to quickly obtain a small batch of PCB production quotation and rapid prototyping services.

EAGLE itself has created a wide variety of component libraries, users can also get through the e community to provide manufacturers directly or users to share the component library. Because from scratch for each parts to create a small custom database takes 20 minutes, so if the library can provide engineers a reliable and active community members through the inspection of the rich information resource center, it will provide great help for the design engineer.

In order to simplify and accelerate the progress of the design process, electronic design engineers can also use the DesignLink tool to specify the characteristics of the required components, by setting the parameters can be searched quickly from the e Farnell online product database to appropriate components. In addition, information technology engineers can also get a lot of relevant components, including technical manuals, application specific solutions guide links, pricing and listing time, can be obtained in the EAGLE design environment without the need to jump in multiple pages.

In short, with the continuous development of electronic design trends, product functionality, availability and price is still the core elements of the most important factors.

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