How to choose SMT processing plant Supplier?

- Jun 01, 2017-

How to choose SMT processing plant?

SMT factory in many large companies innumerable, in order to meet the requirement of the product, also quietly on the line of SMT production line. In many SMT processing plants, how to choose a reliable supplier? This article from the industry professionals point of view, it is recommended to filter from the following angles, to ensure that your choice of minimum cost, is conducive to long-term cooperation.

1, professional coordination (Concept, of, Cooperation)

SMT processing as a part of the electronic products in the manufacturing process, the equipment is highly developed, management tends to improve the situation, SMT factory professional cooperation degree seems to have decided the PCB board you can timely delivery, quality control, can be repaired in a timely manner, the added value is much higher than that between 8 per cent and 9 per cent the price gap. How to inspect the coordination degree of SMT processing plant? Start with people. Talk with management and even bosses of the SMT processing plant to see if it has a sincere attitude and commitment. In addition, you can also know the reputation of the processing factory and the customer cases and so on through third parties.

2, quality management process (Quality Control)

In order to reduce the unit price in the market, many SMT processing factories, at the expense of quality risk, reduce QC personnel or not equipped with AOI to detect and so on. In the process of evaluation of SMT processing plant, need to examine and understand its warehouse, after inspection, IQC furnace QC series of posts is set, AOI detection equipment is reasonable, whether the use of engineering quality management method is introduced and the documents and so on, only to understand the full range, in order to ensure your the product can obtain perfect processing.

3, management and staff spirit (Work Passion)

The mental outlook of line employees and managers determines whether your product will maintain high yield and consistency, as products are produced by people or operating equipment. Communication with managers is carefree, whether or not passionate, staff work is meticulous, and perform their duties.

4, abandon these useless reviews (Give, Up, These, Audits)

Look at the size of the factory: unless you order enough 100k, any SMT processing plant can do it

Look at the SMT device: unless the PCB board has minimal material (such as 0201 and less) or complex processes (POP, etc.), the General Factory SMT device can do it.Look at the quote: first glance quote slightly outrageous, it negates a SMT processing plant, it may negate the drop is a very good. All dare to speak, are capable of quality requirements, the initial offer can only refer to, and even do not refer to.

Good companies have long-term stable SMT processing plants, but poor companies are always looking for, repeat the story of yesterday. It's time to reflect on your purchasing behavior. Seize the above selected SMT processing plant approach, you can no choice in the supplier's disadvantage.

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