How to control the cost of circuit boards

- May 17, 2016-

1 circuit board control of raw materials

Using the same piece of material made of a piece of circuit board, who can use the minimum amount of raw material made into a circuit board, then we can determine who has the advantages of low cost, control circuit board top secret production cost in the process of raw materials, we do not need to take some ways to control, the most important is to control the circuit board production qualified rate and circuit board manufacturing employees waste rate. Now a lot of circuit board manufacturers are set their own specialized PMC department to control the excessive waste of raw materials used in circuit board production, but this method in is simply can not solve the problem, if there is no enough raw materials, then the employee how to produce circuit board, finally to be distributed to workers, the fundamental cure method is for staff training, in the training to allow employees to master operation skills and methods. Planning a strict management system and a reasonable mode of operation, will reduce a lot of human error.

2 control of water and electricity

Is the cost of utilities circuit board production process in a sum of no small expenditure, the reasonable use of water and electricity is very important, especially in the summer season, often appear the phenomenon of the lack of electricity in can not be normal production. Therefore in normal time to carry out this section about electricity the good habit of, the machines do not need to promptly shut down, pulling etching factory, drilling machine gongs and other related equipment, plan reasonable planning of electricity will be able to save circuit board manufacturing cost to a great extent.

3 control circuit board scrap rate

Printed circuit board scrap is a very people it was a pity, because the cost of the circuit board is very high, now with raw material of circuit board of rising, falling disorderly place of interest, if in the production process of reasonable rate of circuit board with the canvas, then for small and medium enterprises this is undoubtedly is Tim frost snow, to want to control circuit board scrap rate is a complete set of system philosophy,

1 technology to keep pace with the development of walking, which is one of the important methods to reduce the circuit board scrap rate.

2 regular monthly cost of the failure rate to do the relevant data statistics, and then the general assembly to tell our employees, tell them the high rate of scrap means? Scrap rate means what? According to relevant statistics provided certain reward measures.

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