How to do a good job of electronic hardware development projects

- Mar 23, 2017-

1, to fully understand the design needs of the parties to determine the appropriate solution

Start a hardware development project, the original impetus will come from many aspects, such as the needs of the market, the entire system architecture based on application software department functions, improve the system of certain aspects and so on, so as a hardware designer, should take the initiative to understand the various aspects of the demand. And together, the most suitable hardware solutions.

According to this, the hardware scheme in the selection of two high performance network processor, and also need in-depth exchanges and software designers, to determine the internal structure, memory size, number and type of the details of the external interface and debugging interface, such as software developers love the control signaling and data path to completely separate so, should be carefully considered when determining the internal data to the.

2, schematic design should pay attention to the problem

In principle diagram design should be "used", now the chip manufacturers generally can provide the principle diagram of the reference design, so try to use these resources, on the basis of fully understanding the reference design, do play some of their own. When the main chip is selected, the most critical peripheral design includes power supply, clock and chip interconnection.

Power is the foundation to ensure the normal work of the hardware system, a detailed analysis to the design: the power input system can provide the required power output is generated; the single board; all the power needs of current provided by the power supply circuit; efficiency; the power supply can range allowed; needs of the entire power system power on sequence etc..

3, PCB design should pay attention to the problem

In the PCB design to achieve a clear goal, the signal line is important to require very strict wiring and the length of the processing loop, and for low and unimportant signal lines can be placed on the wiring on the lower priority. Important parts include: power split; memory clock line, control line and the length of the data line requirements; high-speed differential wiring, etc..

When these requirements can be explicitly requested PCB designers to achieve determined, if the design of main wiring all requirements are clear, can be converted into the wiring constraints of the whole, to achieve the PCB design using CAD automatic routing software, which is a development trend in designing high speed PCB.

4, inspection and commissioning

When ready to debug a board, you must first do a visual inspection, check whether there is visible and short tube feet tin fault in the welding process, check whether there is a model of component placement error, the first foot placement error, assembly leakage and other issues, and then use the multimeter to measure the resistance of each power supply to the ground, to check whether there is short circuit, this habit can avoid damage to power on board.

5, summary

A good hardware engineer is actually a project manager, he needs to get from the outside world to design their own needs, and then summary, analysis of specific hardware implementation. But also with many chips and solutions provider, select appropriate solutions from the principle, when the map is finished, he / she should be organized with colleagues to review and inspection, but also design and CAD engineers work together to complete the PCB. At the same time, we must prepare a list of BOM, procurement and preparation of materials, contact the manufacturer to complete the installation of the board.

In the process of debugging, he / she should organize the software engineers to research together with the debugging, the test engineer to solve the problems found in test, wait for the product launch to the site, if there is a problem, but also need timely support. So do a hardware designer to exercise good communication skills, the ability to adjust to the pressure, at the same time to deal with a number of issues of coordination and decision-making ability and good peace of mind, etc..

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