How to ensure customer delivery?

- Jun 09, 2017-

As a PCB processing enterprise, it belongs to the order processing enterprise, not to predict the stock type processing enterprise. Home appliance enterprises are the first to predict the market sales, and then planned production after the market. The enterprise model pays attention to the accuracy of the market forecast investigation, and has the free adjustment range to the processing time. It can control itself and ensure the processing time is sufficient. And PCB this kind of order type processing enterprise pays attention to is how to fulfill his behavior according to the contract. Including quality, delivery and after-sales service. The core issue to be mentioned today is the topic of today's discussion: how to ensure the delivery of customers?

Production planning and planning is similar to the war battle map, combat map is a strategic policy against the enemy soldiers. Production planning and planning are related to the delivery of the product, cost, production efficiency, manufacturing output and so on. Therefore, the production plan is the programmatic instruction of the production system. Most of the small and medium-sized PCB processing enterprises put all kinds of boards together on the production line. Divided into samples according to the type, small quantities, large quantities. According to the structure can be divided into: single-sided, double-sided, multilayer. Put all these types of boards into production line and share all related equipment. The production planning of this kind of processing enterprise is particularly important. To do a good job in producing WIP, several points must be understood:

First, we should be familiar with the organization and operation of the production system

Two, the company's human resources, processing staff capacity, equipment capacity;

Three, the amount and distribution of existing work in process;

Four, the product related processes and key processes, as well as external resources.

Only by knowing the above information can the planner prepare a WIP that can truly guide production. The manufacturing department according to the arrangement of WIP production, ensure all production processes to feed, not out of line, the QC department for quality tracking according to the WIP process, seize the key process control of the product, production, material control and engineering department according to the WIP inspection of engineering materials, tooling and production required materials are in place to meet the production. Of course, WIP seriousness must be maintained because it is a programmatic directive on the production system. A war map similar to that of war". Otherwise, once the WIP lose guidance, it may cause the manufacturing department to work hard, lose control of quality, reduce efficiency, decrease production, and make the order out of order. Sometimes, the process is out of line or the bottleneck process occurs. Ultimately affect the product production schedule, can not improve delivery, fulfill delivery agreement.

Samples in the enterprise should be divided into two categories: the number of customer orders in batches of samples we rarely, in the processing to sample management; the other is itself orders to our customers for the first time, sample production confirmation are also known as samples. As PCB enterprises, the focus is on the first order samples, that is, some enterprises known as proofing, batch before the "model"". Because this sample has a lot of profit space, will bring bulk orders, will be saturated production, will bring the latter sales value, creating wealth for the enterprise. From the business point of view: marketing personnel to develop the market, to win the credibility of customers the most convincing capital, but also a direct response to an enterprise's business card". At the same time, similar to the characteristics of such samples, PCB enterprises is to ensure that the rapid delivery of products to customers is the key key point of priority.

The lot board is the non sample board, but it contains three kinds of boards: small batch, medium batch and large quantity. This product is much more difficult to produce plan and plan than the sample. It pays attention to the overall production planning, in addition to a certain co-ordination, scientific and rational outside, and combined with my work experience over the years, talk about how to do a good job in the production of mass panels WIP:

Production planning is not only for the production line of product planning, reasonable arrangements for production. If the production line semi-finished product backlog is too much, and the puzzle size is not the manufacturing department's best processing size. In that case, any WIP may be instructive, but it can not guide the best output of production. Conversely, if in the off-season, semi-finished products backlog is not much, and the puzzle board is too large or not combined with existing raw materials for planning, from the cost point of view, may increase the cost of additional enterprises.

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