How to solve the common problems after the circuit board was soldered

- May 23, 2016-

The circuit board short: when the circuit board welding took the aging process will find some PCB circuit, discharge circuit board is designed and the electronic device outside, can from the following several aspects to find a circuit board soldering tin eat tin time is too short, causing bad welding. The flux activity itself is not strong, weakened the solder wettability and its extension. The direction of the board of the line is in the direction of the tin wave and the direction of the tin wave.

After the tin solder is dull and dull: tin is found in the dark and gloomy, from two aspects, one is that the solder is too low. Circuit board welding. Soldering tin solder reached more than 50% of the solder will be shiny. On the other hand is flux residues remain on the surface of the tin no cleaning and its acid corrosion of solder joints is also caused by tin dull gray.

After soldering tin surface is rough: tin surface rough first to from the in terms of the quality of the solder, solder which itself contains a small amount of a variety of metal elements. When the content of these metal elements exceeds its limit will affect the tin surface. When soldering tin requires no impurities on the surface of the tin liquid, when the surface of the tin liquid oxidation for a long time to clean up otherwise it will affect the tin point of the table shall be.

Yellow spot color: yellow spot color is yellow is a common problem, many people do not know what reason. When the color of the solder is generally in the temperature has a considerable relationship. When the temperature of the solder is too high the surface of the tin liquid appears yellow. Then it is necessary to adjust the appropriate temperature of the furnace operation temperature.

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