How to weld a good circuit board

- Apr 27, 2016-

1 welding circuit board steps:

Prepare cleaning process, component mounting and solder, flux and tool preparation prior to welding. The right hand left hand solder wire, electric iron (iron head to keep clean, and the welding head to keep the welding state at any time).

Heating welding parts: should pay attention to heating the whole welding parts, to uniform heating.

Into the wire heating welding reaches a certain temperature, the iron wire from the opposite contact welding.

Remove the welding wire: when the welding wire to melt a certain amount, immediately remove the wire.

Remove the iron: solder pads or run Du welding welding parts, remove the iron.

2 welding circuit board skills:

Component welding sequence: resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, power tube, other components for small to large, the circuit board welding is not very difficult, the temperature at 400-450 between the hand can not shake to specific when welding circuit board components, find some waste the board capacitance resistance above with a soldering iron with not in a weld with air gun also does not need to use the solder oil with practice more waste welding welded oil when welding components must be aligned with tweezers by welding feet not pretty well with some welding welding oil wash water brush next, the highest level of welding is to let other people do not see the board was passing slowly to welding long not what too many tricks only welding more practice makes perfect best to go online to see some others welding experience.

Constant temperature electric iron, high purity with flux soldering, sponge positive insert resistors, diodes and other low parts, with a sponge positive pressed, board and sponge together in turn, with a heavy pressure welding on the table. Thermostatic pointed 60W iron regulating temperature (iron melt a little solder wire, flux on the soldering iron head smoking time in 2 ~ 3 seconds the temperature more appropriate) action leading to the iron, solder, remove the solder immediately remove the iron. After welding capacitor, highly similar parts can be as long as the sponge can press. The excess wire is welded with scissors and cut off, because the scissors are more beautiful than the scissors.

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