Industrial era upgrades, PCB industry will be how to deal with?

- Jun 02, 2016-

Industrial 4.0 research project by the German Federal teaching and research department and federal economic and technical department jointly funded, in the German Academy of engineering, the Fraunhofer society, Siemens and other German academia and industry recommendations, and to promote a, and has risen as a national strategy.

Industrial 4.0 project first for two major themes, a "smart factory, points research intelligent production system and process, and distributed networked manufacturing facilities of the end; the second is" intelligent production, only need to touch fully enterprise production logistics management, human-computer interaction and 3D skills in industrial production in the process of use. PCB board career, of course, attributed to a class of intelligent factory.

So what is the industry 4 attitude? Let us first to sort out: Industrial 1 is the mechanical manufacturing, industrial 2 is the electrification and automation, industrial 3 is the electronic information age. "Industry 4" describes a person, equipment and goods in real time China Unicom and useful exchanges, to build a highly sensitive personalized and digital intelligent production methods.

Industrial 4.0 is proposed under the networking, cloud services, large data sets, so definition of Tianjin University Professor Ma Jianguo: IOT = embedded intelligent system + network, industrial 4.0= things + production.

What is the embedded intelligent system, on the PCB board career, the PCB board production equipment to increase the number of active induction, active identification and identification, active adjustment of the intelligent function is embedded intelligent system. With intelligent PCB board production equipment (that is, embedded intelligent system), and then the PCB board devices with network connectivity, through the ERP system mutual exchange, it constitutes a PCB board career networking. With the Internet of things coupled with the production of PCB board has become a PCB board industry 4.

To help us become more understanding of the concept of industrial 4, may wish to start from the actual planning of an industrial plant in the 4's run the scene.

Scene one: in the near future, a car may end customization -- in the phone open intelligent car factory of app and select a model from hundreds of equipment, and then in the individual orders of input for example the car interior planning into a hulk, about a month and a car with industrial 4.0 pipeline for your planning, making the "green giant version of the car" will sent to buy every door, the price is not than production car much more expensive.

PCB professional due to its planning and production of PCB for complexity and function of a single universal, not like cars or other consumer goods the same personalized to each piece of PCB board, but with customization, order quantity will be in large quantities by turn into small volumes. For example car PCB board. Due to the professional car customization, car career will end zero inventory, but the car manufacturer will periodically customized vehicle classification summary, according to the models under the orders of the PCB (printed circuit board) (due to the versatility of the PCB board function and the same type of car the PCB board are the same). As if the same scene will produce the end of the PCB board to the car manufacturers.

Scene two: in PCB board factory, intelligent automation equipment not only has the leading production technology and high production power, and between different machines or with ERP system can mutually exchange, machinery and equipment can be based on the input ERP system module and the module of project contract production information initiative to adjust the production parameters then, the machine equipment will produce results (production volume, time, good and bad products such as the number of active) into the ERP system, ERP system will also produce parameters and productivity of active points into the best production summary parameters and production power, accurate production equipment, equipment and even guess wrong, that preventive the maintenance and extend the service life of the equipment.

From the above two scenarios we extend the analysis, can be estimated PCB board career will be changed in the following areas:

1 mass production will gradually disappear, replaced by a small batch allegro.

2 traditional PCB board equipment will be phased out, replaced by intelligent active production equipment, such as equipment can automatically adjust production parameters based on production information. The production characteristics and quality characteristics of each PCB board can be identified by the active scanning PCB board.

3 workshop planning will be gradually improved from the traditional decentralized to centralized. The traditional production workshop is made up of manual or semi - active devices, and the delivery of goods is done manually, so the distribution of the equipment is lax. And the industrial 4's, all of the equipment is intelligent automation, equipment can be connected up and down processes, PCB board can take the initiative from the process of transition to the next process, no artificial transfer. This requires the planning of the equipment into a pipeline to facilitate the logistics delivery.

4 workshop almost no production personnel and data input. When the production equipment fully converted to intelligent automation, just in order for disposable will order information and production information into ERP system, ERP system is on the basis of the characteristic of the order generated only a bar code, the equipment will actively according to the livelihood of the ERP barcode information for the adjustment of the production parameters and between the processes of the equipment can through the ERP system can talk to each other, such as process board production near the end of May through the ERP system arrives at the next step, the next process equipment will be adjusted in advance manufacturing parameters in order to save production time. The production time and production of other equipment will be active into the ERP system, the data are summarized and analyzed by the ERP system.

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