Industry 4.0 and the Internet is the future of China's manufacturing industry

- Nov 01, 2016-

     From the Internet economy era of the final way to see the manufacturing industry, only choose to rely on the introduction or independent development of some new technologies, new products to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the traditional path, at least do the right half. China's manufacturing enterprises should not only pay attention to the contribution of professional and technological progress to industrial upgrading, but also pay more attention to the huge traction of the evolution of the industry and the evolution of the operation mode. Because of the global manufacturing industry has changed not only by the upgrading of industrial technology of this single factor driving, driving form and operation mode of evolution of being affected by the Internet of things the general basic technology progress brought by the industrial revolution tide, almost zero marginal cost "is great impact to the traditional manufacturing industry base.

     In intelligence, a growing network of industry in the world, all the key areas and links of the Internet and networking technology will penetrate into manufacturing resources, widespread depth collaborative manufacturing, beyond ownership sharing, highly self adapt to the logistics, thoughtful user experience through production, marketing, and convenient fast low cost trading environment, manufacturing enterprises will be out of the era of industrial economy growth possible natural reproduction. Of course, if used properly, the Internet can also be used to enhance the traditional manufacturing enterprise technology advantage, cost advantage, talent advantage and capital advantage, market advantage.

     At present, the overall development of the developed countries is in transition from the industrial 3 age to the industrial 4. The main features of the 4 era of industry are personalized customization, intelligent manufacturing, production and consumption. These features can only be achieved through the industrial Internet and consumer internet mutual cooperation. At present, China's consumption of the Internet has been very developed, but the industry has not yet formed a climate of the internet. Led by Germany and the United States, Japan and other countries of the large manufacturing enterprises in the Internet industry construction has emerged, if China's large enterprises now do not create China of the Internet industry, the Internet industry in other countries once the formation of climate, China's traditional manufacturing enterprises will only passively into the new industrial system of his country the.

     For the future manufacturing industry, developed industrial countries have put forward their own vision. The advantage of using the Internet, let the Internet annexation of manufacturing; Germany based manufacturing base, so that the manufacturing sector of the Internet; NPC and CPPCC during this year, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the "Internet plus in the government work report". The new thinking of "industrial 4.0+ Internet industry will create the manufacturing industry, the forefront of the trend in industrial automation," 4.0+ industry and Internet industry "heavy build the first domestic automatic selection Daquan platform, brings together well-known brands at home and abroad and intelligent product selection directory, create website and mobile client is rich in content humanization, provide fast and convenient online trading experience for customers in the industry, and for the brand manufacturers to provide product recommendation, brand promotion and other value-added services. The purpose of doing so is to build online and offline resources sharing, collaborative ability "Internet plus intelligent manufacturing industry innovation platform, promoting China's manufacturing resources and the depth of integration of the internet.

     At present, China's manufacturing industry has 1 parallel Industrial (mechanized), 2 (electric), 3 (Automation) and 4 (intelligent) of all forms, only engage in industrial 4 does not fully meet the actual needs of the China, can not solve problems China transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. Chinese manufacturing industry to achieve synchronization with the pulse of the times, must take measures according to local conditions, full dimension to promote transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

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