Influence of ultraviolet ink on FPC flexo printing and its application

- Oct 25, 2017-

Ultraviolet ink, also known as UV ink, is the use of a certain wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, through the instantaneous photochemical reaction, so that the liquid UV ink into a solid ink.

UV ink has developed rapidly in the past 10 years, has entered a mature stage, and is recognized by the world as a pollution-free ink varieties. At the Seventh International Conference on radiation curing in Malaysia, held in August last year, many information points out that the most important application area of radiation curing materials in the world is printing industry. Its main varieties include: UV varnish, UV screen printing ink, UV offset ink, UV flexo printing ink, UV metal printing ink and UV electronic circuit ink and so on. According to the data, in 1997 the United States consumed UV flexo ink has reached 3000 tons, and each year also increased at 9-12% speed.

UV flexo printing ink has been widely recognized and favored in foreign countries, mainly because of its following characteristics:

1.UV flexo printing ink is safe, reliable, solvent free, non flammable, no pollution to the environment, suitable for food, beverage, tobacco, drugs and other health conditions of high packaging printing. Flexo UV ink has been used in the field of foreign food packaging for many years, without any problems.

2.UV flexo ink printability, high printing quality, the printing process does not change the properties of the volatile solvent, viscosity stability, not easy to paste version heap version, available high viscosity printing ink, strong outlets high-definition, tone reproduction, color bright, adherent, suitable for printing fine products.

3.UV flexo ink can be instantly dry, high production efficiency, wide adaptation range, in the paper, aluminum foil, plastic printing on different carrier has good adhesion, printing products immediately after placed, there is no adhesion.

4.UV flexo printing ink has excellent physical and chemical properties. The process of UV curing and drying of UV ink is a photochemical reaction from linear structure into mesh structure, so it has resistance to water, alcohol, alcohol resistant, abrasion resistance, aging and many excellent physical and chemical properties, this is all other types of ink as.

5.UV flexo ink consumption. Because there is no solvent, high active ingredients, can almost 100% into the ink film, the amount is less than half of the ink or ink solvent, and can greatly reduce the number of the printing plate and anilox roll cleaning, so the comprehensive cost is relatively low. Combined with the above characteristics, UV flexo printing ink has obvious advantages and development prospects both from the angle of environmental protection, quality angle, or from the angle of technology development.

UV flexo printing technology in the domestic promotion and application, from now on there is a process. On the one hand, the UV flexo printing technology is further understood and understood, on the other hand, it needs to be improved and perfected in the aspects of equipment, light source, supporting equipment and process technology.

UV light source: UV flexo printing, each color group should be equipped with UV light source. Different colors of UV flexo ink absorb ultraviolet radiation ability is different, such as yellow and magenta absorption ability is low, easy to cure and dry, and blue and black absorb ultraviolet ray ability is strong, not easy to dry. The power of UV lamp can be assigned according to different colors, so as to ensure the reasonable drying of UV ink and save energy. Attention should be paid to the aging of the UV light source, the timely replacement of the ultraviolet tube, to prevent the curing is not complete, resulting in adhesion. The general life of the ultraviolet lamp is 1000 hours, and the frequent start will shorten the life of the lamp tube obviously.

Rubber roller: cots must be able to resist ultraviolet ink, usually used rubber roller is generally EPDM rubber (three yuan ethylene propylene rubber) or silicone rubber made.

Plate material: Although the current flexo printing plate can basically be used for UV flexo printing ink, but the best choice is to resist UV ink better plate, such as DuPont UVP - 67 open plate material.

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