Interpretation Part 1: China's electronic components industry development planning

- Oct 07, 2016-

     12th Five-Year period is the key period of China's strategic emerging industries to lay a solid foundation for development, enhance the core competitiveness of the critical period, both faced with rare opportunities, but also a serious challenge. The strategic emerging industry has the following characteristics: a major technological breakthrough and major development needs based on the overall and long-term economic and social development have a significant leading role, knowledge and technology intensive, less consumption of material resources, growth potential, comprehensive benefits of good industry. According to these characteristics, combined with national conditions, China's strategic emerging industries to determine the 7 major areas, including energy saving and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles.

     "Planning" pointed out that "12th Five-Year" period, the new generation of information technology industry sales revenue grew by more than 20%. In the "planning", the focus of the new generation of information technology, including: ultra high speed optical fiber and wireless communications, networking, cloud computing, digital virtual, advanced semiconductor and new display and other new generation of information technology. A new generation of breakthroughs in information technology to intelligent information network construction of the next generation, interactive and promote information technology innovation, emerging application development and network construction, in this process, and the related industry chain will be rapid development. Due to the country's policy support, these areas will drive the entire industry chain of trillions of effects.

     In the new generation of information technology, the core industry and electronic industry: integrated circuit technology and the characteristics of product design, advanced chip manufacturing, advanced packaging and testing technology and key equipment, a new generation of semiconductor material and device technology. In integrated circuit design, to strengthen the integrated application of domestic chip and software to 2015, IC design industry output value of the domestic market share increased from 5% to 15%. to encourage positive and orderly development of large size film transistor liquid crystal display, accelerate the organic light emitting diode, three dimensional laser display, such as a new generation of display technology and industry development of. Capture LED, OLED industry common key technologies and key equipment, improve the economy of LED, OLED lighting. To master the core technology of smart sensors and new power electronic devices and systems, to improve the equipment and equipment in the emerging field of equipment to protect and support capacity, the development of chip, miniaturization, green of the new components.

     We believe that the implementation of the "planning" for the electronic components industry constitute a long-term positive. Especially conducive to the development of intelligent terminal industry chain, Internet of things industry chain, LED industry chain and other related enterprises.

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