Interpretation Part 2: China's electronic components industry development planning

- Oct 11, 2016-

     In the digital circuit and analog circuit competition in the sphere of influence in communication, network and intelligent home appliances and other areas have been lost, only the power management position also stays.

     However, in recent years, digital power management chip products have begun to receive the attention of the industry. Some experts pointed out that in the application of simple and easy to use, does not require much change parameters, simulation of power supply products may be more advantageous for its application to can be realized by hardware in curing; controllable factors, more real-time response speed, the need for multiple power management system simulation system, the complex and high performance in the application of digital power supply has more advantages.

     However, there are still many obstacles in the application of digital power supply, and it is difficult to have a big breakthrough in the foreseeable future. Hangzhou Silan microelectronics Limited by Share Ltd Research Institute deputy director Wu Jianxing said in an interview: "will face many challenges to the digital control from analog control. Such as response speed or bandwidth, a digital control circuit is a sampling system, delay and other issues related to CPU and ADC, and the simulation of the control response is instantaneous; such as processing technology, digital circuit digital power supply forced to reduce the cost by using the standard CMOS process is small, and the analog circuit in these processes usually it is difficult to achieve high performance. Therefore, high performance digital power products in the design and manufacture are challenging, digital, intelligent power system, the need for a certain time."

     In the wire and cable industry bidding problem, had a large number of exposure, each cable entrepreneur is an uproar about the current domestic cable bidding market. The fundamental reason is that there are many unreasonable phenomenons in wire and cable market bidding, the unreasonable phenomenon was caused by the ultra low price bidding, even illegal bidding chaos, serious harm to the normal cable production business interests.

     Analysis of bidding chaos in wire and cable industry, there are many unreasonable bidding mechanism is not reasonable; the mode of payment is not reasonable; the punishment for breach of contract is not reasonable. First of all, it is obvious that the bidding mechanism is not reasonable. The bidding mechanism in the cable industry in the lowest bid and take the contract for a typical closed.

     At all levels of power Power Grid Corp in the bid evaluation, the general use of the principle of the lowest bid, and the direct harm to the lowest price is caused by low dumping, and ultimately lead to fake and shoddy products into the market. Cable purchaser is also well aware of this, so they increase supervision, once found unqualified products will cancel the bidding enterprises. Nevertheless, for the super low price and shoddy products shoddy phenomenon difficult to extinction. Especially when buyers get a certain "hush money", for this violation is the choice to open one eye closed. And if the procurement unit to cancel the principle of winning the lowest bid, adhere to the three principles of price, quality and service, presumably the cable market will be much more stable.

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