It is said that PCB prices will still rise

- Feb 24, 2017-

Into 2017, less than 1 months, PCB plate has gone through a round of price increases, it is understood that the price of PCB plate in this round of price surge again rose by 5%. Compared with the previous price difference compared to the difference is that this time the price of the PCB plate is mainly for more than 1.2 thickness, higher grade products.

For many small and medium sized PCB factory, with no extra money ready goods, at the end of time with customers to talk about the price, but the upstream material supplier has once again call up, not too expensive rice pot, 1 - February and the downstream PCB shipments peak, limited working days to reduce the number of printing. Circuit board factory years may be difficult to delivery on time. In fact, in recent years, plates, raw materials prices have been declining, while demand growth year after year, which also led to a lot of PCB companies because of the price war was squeezed out of the market.

According to Taiwan media reports, January 2017 copper processing fees and the emergence of a small price increase. Some company executives said, "copper foil production enterprises, a change in the past 35 months after the arrival of payment habits. With a cash purchase price of 20 copper foil, copper foil to 30%, have queued order Limited supply." General trading account sheet for 90 days to six months, lithium copper demand, some manufacturers take cash to buy materials, indirectly caused by vicious competition prices.

According to industry analysts believe that: PCB plate prices in the past year will experience a slight price increase, after the start of the year will be inflated, when raw material supply will be more tense. The total Haileqiao also revealed: at present he has received the upstream suppliers of raw material prices, estimated at around 20 this month, the PCB board must again go up......

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