Know the production process of circuit board.

- May 30, 2016-

First, the opening material

Meet the requirements of large plates, according to the requirements of MI engineering data. Cut into small production plate. In accordance with customer requirements of small sales staff training materials. Specific sales data: plate material, according to the MI requirements board, curium board, beer fillet \ cutting edge grinding, in

Two, drilling

Personnel with information on the position of the drilled for aperture. According to project APQP training experience (customer information) the sales training required in the size of the sheet. The specific work process: individual rental contract, on board, samples of pin hole drilling, under the plate to check, repair

Three, heavy copper

Copper is a personnel training chemical method in the insulation of the wall of a thin layer of copper deposited on a thin layer of copper. The specific work process: coarse grinding, sales data, copper automatic wire to the lower plate, dip 1% dilute H2SO4 thickening of copper

Four, graphics transfer

Objective to pattern transfer is film production sales training transfer to plate on the specific work process: blue oil flow) grinding plate, printed on the side, drying, printed the second side, baking, exposing, rushed shadow > check dry film process) MA plate, students will work system, static para > > exposure, static, red shadow, inspection

Five, graphics plating

Objective to graphic information engineering training is a line graph of bare copper skin or on the hole wall, plating a layer to layer thickness of the copper layer and the required thickness of gold and nickel or tin. Specific training data flow: on board, in addition to oil, water washing secondary, micro corrosion, water washing, acid pickling, plating copper, washing, leaching in acid, tin plating, washing,

Six, the film back

Objective to use NaOH solution to resist plating and covering film to expose the non line copper layer. The concrete working process: water film: insert frame, dip alkali, rinse, scrub, dry film, and dry film.

Seven, etching

The purpose of the method is to use the method of personnel data to react to the corrosion of the copper layer in the non line area.

Eight, green

To maintain the line and stop sales personnel welding tin on the line to investigate the role of green is will green film science and technology management of editorial department transferred to the plate. Specific engineering process: grinding plate, printing photosensitive green, curium board, personnel training, shadow washing and grinding plate, printed on the side - drying plate, printed the second - drying plate

Nine, character

Objective to character is provide a easy to discern the sales personnel specific work process: green end curium after cooling, static, halftone, seal characters, curium

Ten, gold finger

To make it more resistant to wear with the purpose of having a layer of nickel, gold layer on the upper layer of the required thickness.

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