Mainland factories into the IC board manufacturing exacerbated the competition in the PCB industry

- Oct 21, 2016-

      Looking forward to this year's global boom, Wu Jiazhao pointed out that this year the U.S. economy is getting better, the U.S. dollar Jin Yang, the relative depreciation of Taiwan dollars, gold, copper and other metals prices, favorable Taiwan electronic export manufacturers offer and profit.

      However, recent European face a regional political conflict, and Greece's debt problems unsolved, the euro zone economic deterioration. China construction demand decline, slowing economic growth, the global economy this year, the overall economy is still facing many challenges.

     Wu Jiazhao pointed out that in the Chinese mainland government policy encouragement, many mainland manufacturers gradually into the IC board manufacturing field, the industry competition is more intense. Electronic products to the trend of low prices, the continued impact of components suppliers to profit, the circuit board industry operating more challenging.

     In the face of macroeconomic instability and the increasingly fierce competition, Wu Jiazhao said, will cooperate with the future development trend of electronic products research and development, the thickness of the thinner, finer lines of IC carrier, continue the cooperation with customers to develop new generation of high order products, improve product value, reduce product prices fell the impact, to improve profitability with the competition.

     Nandian pointed out that the positive development China, IC design and packaging and testing of customers, products and customers to implement the diversification strategy, decentralized operating risks, make the company turnover and profit steady growth.

     At present, China's electronic circuit, printed circuit industry production and sales accounted for 44% of the global total; China's printed circuit board equipment, raw materials sales and production have remained the world's first. Despite the good momentum of development, a lot of exhibitors CPCASHOW exhibitors have said that due to the influx of large number of industry in recent years, the PCB field, serious production capacity, resulting in vicious competition intensified. In addition, the continued growth of smart terminals and emerging market driven, greatly increased the demand for FPC, HDI, etc., but also stimulated the expansion of the industry to expand plant investment, further increase product price competition.

     The author also found in the exhibition, many domestic exhibitors of high order HDI, IC, PCB, FPC, blind buried high layers of FPC and other high-end products, many domestic manufacturers have indicated that PCB can be comparable with the international advanced manufacturing PCB.

Expansion of production capacity, high degree of homogeneity of the product, resulting in increased pressure on the price of PCB products. Price war intensified, mostly struggling to cope with the industry.

     How to deal with the price war? The author found that the positive innovation in the exhibition exhibitors popularity is booming. The product technology upgrade and technology innovation will help in the price war to blaze a new trail. In addition, improve product competitiveness, increase product functionality and added value, so that enterprises from the product homogeneity of the mire break out, is also an important measure.

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