Next year PCB will be up to $20 billion

- May 18, 2016-

Printed circuit board (PCB) industry is one of Taiwan's early development of the electronics industry, history more than 40 years, over the past few years, many PCB industry for the PC industry fell and hit, after Xipan 2008 and turned into mobile phones, flat plate, a new electronic products, coupled with the single and this year's PCB industry become market dark horse, including Xin Xing (3037), Ding Ying (6251), Yaohua (2367), Academy (2368) and a turn from loss to profit, the official to low said "Bye Bye".

ITRI prediction, 2014 years of Taiwanese PCB industry output growth in 2.66%, the output value at 533 billion yuan, breaking over the past three years, only about 1% of the low growth. Aci-find mic survey, Taiwan PCB industry topped the global top three, in recent years, the output value and Japan about the same, 2011 in Taiwan for the first time surpassed Japan, Taiwan's industry output value accounted for 31%, Japan accounted for 29%, with the Japanese closed HDI production line, important to Samsung PCB supplier DAP in March this year, fire, market supply is tight, apple and non Apple camp turn actively to Taiwan factory.

Legal analysis, the current market situation to the PCB industry quite favorable, the light is from the cost point of view, there is a great advantage, PCB materials, including copper foil and glass cloth and resin, copper accounted for about 20% - 25% of production costs, gold accounted for more than 10%, this year the price of gold and copper prices remain weak pattern, is conducive to relieve cost pressure, the stronger dollar, depreciation of the NT dollar, is also expected to appear foreign exchange gains.

Another from the application point of view, Apple's iPhone and iPad is greater, for the PCB industry in Taiwan is more heavyweight bullish, apple mobile phone and tablet computer screen size is enlarged, a significant increase in demand for HDI and the soft board, and intelligent phone towards the development of higher-order past low order only need to three layer Any-layer HDI board (any high-density connecting plate), now CF higher-order models of the plate, all caused by the surge in demand for HDI board.

TPCA show 2013 yesterday (July 23) to carry out, Wu den Yih personally attend the opening ceremony, Wu den Yih in his speech said PCB is based on the 3C industry, estimate next year the output value at $20 billion, the government should attach great importance; exhibitors this year to green environmental protection as the theme, booth exhibitors compared to last year increased by more than 11%, expected to attract the crowds of visitors to 3 million passengers.

PCB is the semiconductor, LCD after the world's third largest electronic components industry, no matter how the change of electronic terminal products, PCB has always played an important role. Yesterday, Wu den Yih was invited to the ribbon, he pointed out that the PCB is the basis of 3C industry, Taiwan is PCB producer, estimated 2014, the output value will see 200 billion dollars, stake in Taiwan's 18 million lives, the government will attach great importance to.

This year the TPCA show to the green environmental protection as the spindle, the organizers encourage visitors to ride the MRT,, director of the Institute of printed circuits (TPCA) and Kerry Lianyi general manager Yonghui Wu said that this year's exhibition booth jumped by 11%, exhibitors booths Tatsu 1320, 350 manufacturers, is expected to will attract the crowds of visitors to 3 million people, is a large scale professional exhibition.

And this year is invited to survey institutions prismark research director jiangxugao visit the speech, will set the tone for 2014 PCB industry boom, comprises a soft board, HDI boards, IC load board market is the focus.

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