Overview of the process of PCB electroplating after treatment

- Aug 21, 2017-

The complete plating process includes the post plating treatment. In general, all plating layers should be treated after plating. The simplest after treatment includes hot water cleaning and drying. And many coating also require passivation, coloring, dyeing, sealing, painting and other post-processing, so that the performance of the coating to better play and strengthen.

After plating treatment methods can be divided into the following 12 categories:

1, cleaning;

2, dry;

3. Hydrogen removal;

4, polishing (mechanical polishing and electrochemical polishing);

5, passivation;

6, coloring;

7, dyeing;

8, closed;

9, protection;

10, painting;

11, disqualification plating;

12, plating solution recycling.

According to the use or design purpose of metal or non-metal electroplated products, the subsequent treatment can be divided into three categories, namely, to improve or enhance the protection, decoration and functionality.

(1) protective postprocessing

In addition to chromium plating, all other protective coatings must be properly treated if they are used as surface coatings to maintain or enhance their protective properties. The most common post treatment method is passivation. Relatively high protection requirements, but also surface coating treatment, such as for light coating treatment, from environmental protection and cost considerations, you can use water-based transparent paint.

(2) decorative postprocessing

Decorative post treatment is the most common treatment process in non metal electroplating. Such as coating gold imitation, imitation silver, antique bronze, brush light, coloring or dyeing, and other art processing. Most of these treatments require surface coating of transparent coatings. Sometimes we should use color transparent paint, such as imitation gold, red, green, purple and other colors paint.

(3) functional postprocessing

Some non-metallic electroplated products are designed for functional requirements and are subjected to some functional treatment after plating. For example, as a magnetic shielding layer of surface coating, used as welding coating surface, solder coating, etc..

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