PC will die out? Five major trends can not be missed

- Sep 23, 2016-

The following is the PC market in the next few years, the development trend of the five possible:

Chase profit margins. Research firm Gartner said that in the continuous decline of the PC market, "ultra portable" will be a major growth point. Therefore, consumers will see the future or mixed type PC equipment more expensive (notebook combo). Analysts expect, ultra portable PC market size will reach $34 billion 600 million this year, compared with 2015 growth of 16% over the next three years, ultra portable market will become the highest revenue in the field of PC market, up to $57 billion 600 million. Why is it developing so quickly? Because the price of $500 laptop profit margin of only 5%, that is $25. And the price of $1000 laptop profit margin of up to 25%, that is $250.

Two: pay more attention to the performance of the game. PC manufacturers or will vigorously develop the game, the reason is also in order to profit margins. Game of the market is smaller, the annual shipments of only a few million units, but the average price of the game PC much higher than the general non game PC, its price range from $850 entry to the top 1500 U.S. dollars.

Three: PC vendors will be further diversified development. At present, in the end many PC manufacturers are low profit quagmire of struggling, or to completely withdraw from the market. For these companies, a way to spread the risk, diversified development, make PC become a part of many in the business: Sales of PC will become the company's foothold, to help sell more profitable business equipment.

Four: PC manufacturers to service business. Internet of things technology will help PC manufacturers to make money in a variety of ways, and to serve customers. For example, Gartner said that manufacturers can use the sensor to detect whether the battery is overheated, or the hard drive is too old, and then to remind consumers to turn off the computer or replace parts. These services can not only bring revenue to enhance customer loyalty.

Five: PC will become more like smart phones. As smart phones become the standard computing devices for most people, this trend seems inevitable. This trend will appear in several different ways, some on the horizon. For example, most of the Chromebooks computer processing and storage tasks are achieved through the cloud. This means that the majority of UI applications PC design and back-end engineering will gradually become more similar to mobile applications.

In addition, if similar to the function of Microsoft Continuum can be developed, PC can even become smart phones, or in turn. By then, PC may not die in a few decades, but it will become one of the many options. When the intelligent mobile phone, wearable devices, virtual reality and other new technologies will be the development of large, and PC will degenerate into a niche product. But it will be a few years away from its disappearance.

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