PCB board value added service was regarded as a selling point

- Aug 26, 2016-

     PCB board as a carrier IC and a variety of components of the last carrier, often overlooked. The spotlights of the electronics industry often focused in Moore's aura of IC, special pros and cons of PCB for I do not know is winning electronic circuit design, the last link to. And with the miniaturization of electronic packaging products diversification, circuit board, PCB manufacturing technology is developing rapidly, different applications need different process and material of the circuit board support, a thin layer of PCB board also have knowledge.

     The IIC exhibition Chengdu station has two PCB enterprises in the relevant, just two upstream and downstream suppliers, just to the electronic industry in Chengdu show for PCB manufacturing special materials to use raw materials made of finished PCB PCB industry chain picture.

Rogers is a with 170 years of history of the enterprise, advanced line plate material, high performance foams, backlight light material, folding pressure busbar, elastic rubber and float material. The Rodgers focuses on the display of two PCB board materials - Theta series and LoPro series. Theta is the introduction of Rodgers for high-speed back, high-speed routing and other high-speed PCB board applications. LoPro is an upgrade of the copper products, we can get a lower loss, suitable for communication base station applications.

     "Rogers's sales in China's domestic market is the main for the two big markets and civil communication and satellite receiving" Rogers Asia market development manager Liu Heng introduction, "driven by the construction of 3G in China, even in the face of financial crisis, Rogers business in 2009 and 2008 basic flat."

      At present, Rogers's main source of business in Europe and the United States dominated, but Liu Heng quite optimistic about the potential for the development of future market of Asia, especially China market full of potential. Now www.pcblover.com Asian market share of Rodgers's business is about 60%, which accounted for 80% of China's market share. In order to serve the growing volume of business in Asia, Rodgers's factory in Suzhou will start production in 2010, the main target for the Asian communications market services.

     Rodgers, one of the customers - the establishment of the British Huizhou also came to IIC Chengdu Railway Station. The company mainly for customers to order PCB circuit board, to undertake small and medium volume orders. Most enterprises have the eyes fall in the market to a quick profit, why the British founded alone give up the single and small batch orders?

     With this question, the author find English founded China District Sales Manager Zhang Jiankang, he explained British founded "penny wise and pound foolish" the real reason. China as the world's largest producer of PCB, competition tends to be intense, so the price war can not be avoided. While the British founded and did not get together with most of the PCB companies, instead focused on the development of special multilayer circuit board, and the number of customer orders no lower limit, but also to provide rapid delivery.

     Britain founded the secret is still in favor of customers, the establishment of the British and other ancillary distribution companies in Shenzhen, you can provide customers from the circuit board procurement to components procurement one-stop service. Now, simply to sell PCB board is difficult to attract customers, only the characteristics of value-added services in order to break through the many PCB vendors." Zhang Jiankang concluded.

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