PCB circuit board copy board method and step

- Jan 12, 2017-

The first step, get a piece of PCB, the first record of all the pieces on the paper models, parameters, and location, especially the diode, the direction of the three tube, the direction of the IC gap. It is best to use a digital camera to take a picture of the two Zhang Yuan gas position.

The second step, remove all the devices, and the PAD hole in the tin removed. PCB clean with alcohol, and then placed in the scanner, the scanner scans when the need to slightly increase the number of scan pixels, so as to get a clear image, start POHTOSHOP, with color screen printing will be swept into the surface, save the file and print out the spare.

The third step, this will be TOP LAYER water and BOTTOMLAYER two layer slightly polished, shiny polished to a copper film into the scanner, start PHOTOSHOP, two layers with color scanning. Note that the PCB placed in the scanner must be flat straight, otherwise the scanned image can not be used, and save the file.

The fourth step, adjust the canvas contrast, brightness, so that part of the copper film and not part of the copper film contrasting, then this figure into black and white, check the line is clear, if not clear, repeat this step. If clear, will survive in the black and white BMP format TOP.BMP and BOT.BMP, if it is found that the graphics problem can also be repaired and modified by PHOTOSHOP.

The fifth step, the two BMP format files into PROTEL format and transferred to two layers in PROTEL, such as the position of basic coincidence two layers of PAD and VIA, showed that the first few steps to do well, if there is a deviation, repeat step third.

Sixth, the TOP layer of BMP into TOP.PCB, pay attention to the conversion to the SILK layer, is the yellow layer, and then you are in the TOP layer tracing line is, and according to the second step of the drawing device placement. After painting the SILK layer deleted.

The seventh step, the BOT layer of BMP into BOT.PCB, pay attention to the conversion to the SILK layer, that is, the yellow layer, and then you are in the BOT layer tracing line is. After painting the SILK layer deleted.

The eighth step in the PROTEL TOP.PCB and BOT.PCB will be transferred, as a graph on OK.

The ninth step, using a laser printer TOP LAYER, BOTTOM LAYER print to transparencies (1:1 ratio), the film on the piece of PCB, compare whether the error, if yes, you will be accomplished.

If the multilayer board also carefully polished to the inside of the inner layer, and repeated third to ninth steps, of course, the naming of the graphics are different, according to the number of layers, the general double-sided board than many simple multilayer, multilayer board, easy alignment, multilayer board, so be careful and be careful (internal vias and vias is prone to problems).

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