PCB copy board definition and development history

- Sep 29, 2016-

     PCB copy board, now in the industry is also known as a circuit board, circuit board, circuit board copy, clone PCB clone, PCB or PCB reverse reverse design research, definition of PCB copy board, industry and academia have a variety of views, but they are not complete, if you want to give the accurate definition of PCB the copy board next, we can draw lessons from the domestic authoritative laboratory PCB copy board statement: PCB copy board, which has been in the premise of electronic products in kind and kind of circuit boards, reverse analysis of circuit board using reverse research method, the PCB file, the original product BOM (BOM) file, the principle of documents and other technical documents and PCB documents for 1:1 screen printing production reduction, then the PCB plate making, welding, flying needle test, debug circuit board using these technical documents and production documents, complete the original Complete copy of circuit board. Because the electronic products are composed of various types of core circuit board control part, therefore, the use of PCB copy board such a process, imitation and cloning extraction can be completed in any electronic product full technical information and product.

     Many people have misunderstandings, the fact that the concept of PCB copy board, and with the deepening development of the copy board industry, copy board concept PCB today has been extended in a wide range, copy and clone is no longer confined to the simple circuit board of the R & D, two times the development of new products and the products will be involved. For example, through the analysis of the existing technical documents of product design, structure characteristics and the technology of understanding and discussion, can provide reference for the feasibility analysis and competitive research and design of new products, to help develop the design units to follow the development of the latest technology trends, timely adjustment and improvement of product design, the research and development of new products with the market competition. At the same time, the process of PCB copy board through the extraction and the technical data file modifications, can be achieved with two times the development of rapid updating of various types of electronic products upgrading, according to the map file copy board extraction and principle diagram, professional designers can optimize the design and modification on PCB according to the wishes of the customer, may also be able to on the basis of design for the product to add new functions or features, such products with new features will be unveiled at the fastest speed and a new attitude, not only with their own intellectual property rights, but also to win the initiative in the market, to bring customers a double benefit.

      At present, many PCB copy board design service enterprises uneven survival, focus on the pursuit of profit in the market, a few enterprises have begun to establish the position at a higher level, to become the industry leader in the field, one of the most successful, the largest and most powerful technology, the most comprehensive service to the number of dragon studios, PCB the core organizations such as the earliest rise in domestic folk reverse R & D team. Their success proves that the PCB copy board is a huge energy. This energy is not only for the copy board design services for enterprises, but also the entire electronic product market and information technology industry, because in fact they promoted the technical ability China enterprise, completely breaking the technical barriers.

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