PCB design of the five golden rules

- Jun 12, 2016-

Rule 1: select the correct grid - set and always use the grid spacing that can match the most elements. Although the multi grid appears to be significant, but if the engineers in the early PCB layout design can be more thinking, they can avoid the problems encountered in the interval and can be used to maximize the application circuit board. As many devices are packaged in a variety of sizes, engineers should use the most conducive to their own design of the product. In addition, polygonal for circuit board copper clad critical, multi grid circuit board in polygon deposited copper will generally produce polygon filling deviation, although not based on a single grid then the standard, but beyond the required circuit board using life.

Rule two: grouping related components together with the required testing points. For example, would be required for the opamp OPAMP discrete components placed at the site near the device to bypass capacitor and resistor, with its with cooperation, so as to help the optimization rule 2 mentioned wiring length, and also the testing and fault detecting easier.

Rule three: the circuit board will be required in a larger circuit board duplication times PCB panel. Choosing the size of the device that is most suitable for the manufacturer is beneficial to reducing the prototype design and manufacturing cost. First on the panel for the layout of the circuit board, the connection circuit board manufacturers get each panel preferred dimensions, and then modify the design specification, and try to in the panel size repeatedly for your design.

Rule four: mandatory decoupling capacitor. Don't try to optimize your design by avoiding the decoupling of the power line and based on the limit values of the component data sheet. Capacitors are inexpensive and durable, and you can spend as much time as you can with the capacitor assembly, and follow the rule six, using the standard value range to keep the stock in order.

Rule five: generate PCB manufacturing parameters and submit the production prior to verification. Although most of the circuit board manufacturers are willing to download and help you directly to verify, but you'd better first export Gerber files, and free access to the reader to check whether the same as expected, in order to avoid misunderstanding. By verifying it yourself, you may even find some careless errors, and therefore avoid the loss of production due to the wrong parameters.

Due to the circuit design are widely shared, and internal team more and more rely on the reference design, similar to above basic rules will still be printed circuit board design, a feature, we believe that the PCB design is very important. Defined these basic rules, developers can be very flexible to enhance the value of their products and to obtain the maximum benefit from the circuit board. Even novice board design, just keep in mind these basic rules will be able to speed up the learning process, enhance confidence.

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