PCB industry intelligent manufacturing is developing rapidly

- Feb 28, 2017-

PCB industry as a labor-intensive, capital intensive industries, in the current domestic disappearance of the demographic dividend, rising labor costs, the economic downturn of the environment, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the machine substitutions, in order to improve the automation of production capacity of the plant, but also reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency and product quality, this is undoubtedly a good point.

Since the birth of the world's first unmanned factory in Japan 30 years ago, unmanned factories have become increasingly popular around the world. North America for small batch production developed PCB automatic production line, the line uses digital inkjet printer instead of the traditional optical imaging process, significantly reduce the time of raw materials and labor costs greatly reduced, and in line with the "green" manufacturing environment. From the PCB CAM file input inkjet printer, PCB in the formation of the board graphics to the subsequent etching or plating treatment as long as five minutes, very flexible. However, there is still a gap between the printed circuit board (PCB) and the traditional PCB Based on optical image, metal plating and etching.

PCB factory Chinese also not resigned to playing second fiddle. There are manufacturers of intelligent workshop workers from 1500 to 350, but the efficiency is increased by about $48%, the cost of the monthly savings of $3 million 800 thousand, but before and after the production of intelligent workshop, the company's output value of 1 billion yuan was not affected. The company has also invested 350 million yuan for the machine substitutions, make the enterprise output value increased by 30%. Previously said: "people are not enough, the machine together!" But now, this together, not "bad", but to enhance, progress, innovation. This has a significant effect on mass production, but there are still bottlenecks in the automation of individual processes.

PCB factory to improve the automation of production capacity in addition to reduce the pressure of labor costs, but also to shorten the production time, speed up the delivery cycle. The mechanical arm and digital processing in the actual processing, such as laser drilling, laser direct imaging, ink-jet printing, flying probe test, no film, no do lighting fixture manufacturing, so as to shorten the production cycle time, to meet the needs of customers, has achieved competitive advantage.

With the rapid development of computer and communication technology, the demand for personalized products makes the flexibility to be the biggest challenge in the field of manufacturing. For the manufacturing plant, it is necessary to consider the replacement of the product and the need to have the ability to respond quickly, but also consider the life cycle caused by the product batch followed by the cost reduction, promotion and price pressure. To improve efficiency, reduce costs and meet the requirements of the formation of the manufacturing triangle dilemma".

Industry 4 is to make the challenge of production flexibility to become a new opportunity, the existing automation technology and the rapid development of the Internet, networking and other information technology to solve the problem of flexible production. "The 4 industry" era of intelligent manufacturing is to make a "personalized" and "scale" of the two in the industrial production of contradictory concept of mutual integration, by means of Internet technology so that all aspects of the supply chain more closely and efficient collaboration, make personalized products to mass production with high efficiency way. In the mass customization to meet individual customer needs at the same time, can realize the low production cost and short delivery time to the customer is willing to pay the price to get some profit and cost, to efficiently customized products to meet customer needs of a, so as to solve the "Trilemma". For consumers, dealers and manufacturers - "satisfaction" and "win-win".

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