PCB industry use platform to expand business opportunities

- Sep 30, 2016-

Dr. Carmichael IPC, President of Philip Greater China, said that China and Taiwan's electronic assembly (EMS) companies are evolving to the original design manufacturer (ODM) model. The majority of EMS companies in North America also focus on PCB assembly, China's EMS companies have been more concerned about the end product manufacturing. Foxconn Technology Group / Foxconn is a good example, Foxconn OEM for Apple iPhone is very successful, and now Foxconn has been developing its own brand of products. This diversification strategy based on a large customer will help Foxconn in the future have a steady growth. In addition, they found that there are more companies in the use of international standards and norms to improve the consistency and quality of their products.

For the future development trend of global and Chinese electronics assembly industry, Dr. Carmichael said, the original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) outsourcing business growth, the development speed of assembly industry over the development of the electronics industry in any other sub sector. The growth of the electronics industry is relatively slow, especially in China. China electronic assembly enterprises have been widely infiltrated OEM outsourcing market, while the North American EMS enterprises on the OEM market penetration remains to be increased. This difference in the evolution of the industry between China and other regions, is narrowing the difference in the speed of development of the assembly industry in different regions. EMS industry analyst Sherman Randall forecast, as of 2017, the compound annual growth rate of China's electronic assembly industry (CAGR) will grow at a rate of 8.6%, CAGR in North America and Europe is 7.7%. And in the EMS Sherman report and "IPC quarter of the global EMS business report", details of the EMS industry sales growth data, profit rate, utilization rate and other important indicators of management, and in accordance with the regional data respectively.

Dr. Carmichael also said that the show's newly introduced APEX IPC elements will bring significant changes in 2013, is expected to effectively expand the scope of electronic manufacturing services (EMS) part of the exhibits. This show in the electronic manufacturing industry has been playing a leading role, has become the industry enterprises, talent, technology, market exchange and development of trade, business opportunities indispensable platform. "Dr. Carmichael said," we must continue to maintain and expand the advantages of the exhibition, to help more enterprises to build the business relationship, but also will better integrate the various sectors of industry supply chain resources, to further promote the development of industry."

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