PCB manufacturing packaging process

- Jul 25, 2017-

PCB circuit board packaging is a process which is vital, but a lot of PCB plates for this final process does not pay too much attention to, so a lot of packing is simply took, such PCB board has not been well protected, it will lead to the PCB circuit board surface is easy to damage or friction problem.

PCB board packaging, this step by the degree of attention at the PCB plant, the main reason is usually less than the STEP, in the process, on the one hand is of course because it does not produce additional value, the two aspect is the manufacturing industry in Taiwan for a long time, do not pay attention to the packing of the products can be brought to the benefit assessment. So if PCB can make a small improvement on packaging, it could be a big success. Again, Flexible PCB is usually a small piece, and a large number of, if a good way of packaging, in order to shape the shape of a particular product and packaging containers, so that the use of convenient and protective.

For early packing, see the outdated shipping packages, detailing their absence. At present, there are still some small factories which are packaged according to these methods.

The domestic PCB production capacity expansion speed, and most are exported, so the competition is very fierce, not only domestic plant competition, and also to top two beauty, PCB on plant competition, in addition to the technical level and quality of the product itself by the customer that the packaging quality needs to be done to customer satisfaction can. Almost a small scale of electronic factory, and now will require PCB manufacturers to ship packaging, we must pay attention to the following items, and some even directly to the shipping packaging specifications.

1. vacuum packing must be used.

2. the number of plates per stack is limited by the size.

3. specifications of the density of the coated PE film and the width of the remaining edge.

Specifications for 4.PE film and Sheet Bubble (Air).

5. cartons, pounds, specifications and others.

6. is there any special provision for slowing down the inside of the carton before placing the board?.

Rate of tolerance after 7. cases.

8. weight per box.

At present, the domestic vacuum packaging (Vacuum Skin Packaging) is similar, the main difference is only the effective working area and the degree of automation.

Operation procedure

1. preparation: PE film positioning, manual operation, mechanical action is normal, set PE film heating temperature, vacuum time, etc..

2. stack board: when the number of the plate is fixed, the height is fixed, so it is necessary to consider how to pile up, which can make the output the largest and the most material. The following are some principles:

Diego each board spacing, specifications as the PE film (thickness), (standard 0.2m/m), using the principle of heating soft elongated, in vacuum at the same time, after the board and bubble cloth adhesive coating. The spacing is usually at least two times the total plate thickness. Too much waste materials; too small is difficult and prone to cutting off the adhesive or cannot paste.

The distance between the outermost plate of the B. and the edge shall be at least twice as thick as the plate.

If PANEL size is not big, according to the above packing way, will waste material and manpower. If the quantity is great, it can also be packed in the form of soft board and be opened as a container, and then shrink wrapped with PE film. There is another way, but you must ask the customer for permission to leave no space between each stack, but separate the cardboard and take the appropriate number. Also under the cardboard or corrugated paper to undertake.

3. start: 

A. press start, PE film after heating, pressure drop over the lead frame by mesa 

B. by pump at the bottom of the vacuum suction and close to the circuit board, and bubble cloth paste. 

C. when the heater is removed, cooled, the outer frame is raised.

D. cut off the PE film and then the chassis is removed, and each stack is cut apart.

4. packing: packing manner, if the customer specified, it must be packing according to customer specifications; if the customer is not specified, must be to protect the board for transport packing specification, damage the principle of a plant for attention, especially the cases mentioned in front of export products is more should pay special attention to.

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