PCB raw material factory valuation increased by introducing of iphone 7

- Sep 24, 2016-

     Apple iPhone 7 sales better than expected, 19 related printed circuit board (PCB) supply chain share price rose, the upstream futuremedia industrial raw materials are also expected to benefit, the fastest end of the month will be additional orders of customers.

     Glass factory futuremedia CCl (CCL) in addition to benefit customers in August Taiwan optoelectronics revenue record, and since yesterday to buy shares of listed shares into Tibet, a printed circuit board only light trading board (PCB) industry chain.

     Futuremedia stressed, handheld devices, high order servers and automotive electronics demand in high order driven, August revenue remained high, the value of third quarter PCB traditional season, customers pull high order goods of electronic grade glass fiber yarn, glass fiber cloth and other products will boom, gross margin and profit.

     Electronic grade glass fiber cloth industry Dehong industry also said that the recent drop to the bottom of the product price, has recently stabilized and slightly increases.

Apple iPhone 7 on sale of Diego success, PCB related stocks yesterday's share price rose, kinsus, jialianyi tech closed the formal completion of the fill rate.

PCB said the industry, the current production line of apple PCB supply chain is full, flexible printed circuit board (FPC) especially, if iPhone 7 sales continued popularity, the fastest at the beginning of October is expected to add order, PCB, FPC upstream raw materials is expected to benefit from the joint end of the month.

     Apple PCB supply chain in August revenues are rising, the upper soft and hard substrate copper foil and polyimide film (PI) raw material factory benefits customers stocking in advance accelerated rise, soft copper foil substrate upstream of the FPC (FCCL) in addition to the new factory, Yang Technology August revenue record, another Taiflex FCCL shipments the amount of FCCL and PI in the upstream factory Damai technology, more for 3 consecutive months to rewrite the record high, even in recent years working in the doldrums FCCL sub material factory electric materials, there have been nearly 11 month high.

     Yadian said, this year on shipments of high margin, highlighting the product advantages of black film mulching (Coverlay), black reinforcing plate, high frequency electromagnetic wave shielding film (EMI) and FCCL, today the traditional peak season, the United States Department of customers continue to pull goods are driven by revenue.

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