PCB special line machine and welding points difference

- Sep 21, 2017-

In the production process of printed circuit boards, due to some reasons, some fine lines will be broken and the quality of products will be affected. Through the repair method can improve the pass rate, reduce the loss.

The circuit board can be repaired by PCB repair broken machine or special silver paste, some users also use micro welding repair, repair is also a fill line, the effect is not the same.

High precision PCB special line machine and micro machine are essentially the resistance welding weld them together through the contact resistance between the two objects of the heat generated by the welding current. But because of the different welding objects, there is still a big difference between them. First of all, the general micro welder is used to weld metal wire or sheet welding, such as welding in small components on the outgoing line, or in small coil welding enameled wire etc..

Relatively speaking, the welding line indentation requirements are not high, the welding pressure and the stability of the output power requirements are not high. The PCB board is due to repair broken line repairing in the PCB board, the stability of welding pressure and output power is high, the PCB board copper thickness from tens of microns, especially for 0.1mm (4mil) of fine line repair requirements are higher. The welding pressure and the output power of the slight change will impact, or weld, solder joint or caused by overload influence is beautiful.

PCB special line machine to ensure high quality welding, pressure system with constant pressure control structure, pedal weight has no relationship with the welding pressure set, which is the basic condition to ensure the high precision of PCB break repair. The micro welding machine adopts simple spring or rod structure. The pressure is controlled by the pedal, the operator is stepping on the key, welding pressure is greater, step on the spot, welding pressure is smaller, this is one of the important factors causing welding instability, and the burden on the operator is also heavy.

From the circuit control structure, PCB dedicated patch line machine with PCB board broken line repair features, using microprocessor as the control core, with special energy circuit design. The output power can be precisely controlled, and a variety of control methods to meet different requirements. The micro welding machine is composed of general industrial spot reduce the output power and improved, capacitor, welding transformer, thyristor or IGBT etc. generally by storage. Simple logic control, due to the composition of its circuit, determines its lack of precise power control. Of course, micro structure and pressure welding in the electronic control system is relatively simple, but also can satisfy the thick line repair such as 0.5mm (20MIL). For 0.3mm (12mil) the following broken line repair is not very competent.

The PCB special line feeder has friendly control interface and many functions. It can provide many welding modes, and can call the factory setting parameters or the parameters set by the user to facilitate the use. Micro machine generally use a simple dial switch or set parameters, single function.

Due to the adoption of advanced pressure and electronic control system, the PCB special line repairing machine can repair the 0.1mm (4mil) fine wire reliably and stably. The solder joints are beautiful and reliable.

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