PCB technology in wearable electronic age

- Nov 21, 2016-

     Wearable devices are changing the future development trend of consumer electronics, with the change of people's way of life, from health, sports, fashion and entertainment, mobile communication, the networking and other areas, will be on wearable devices have a strong demand, but also to promote the technology from the market in rapid growth. According to the survey report of industry research firm Research & Markets show, the global wearable electronics market size of about $3 billion 500 million, is expected to 2018, the number will rise to about $8 billion 400 million, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) up to 17.71%. In the study of wearable devices, in addition to chip, sensor, the design is concerned with technical aspects, in fact, as the PCB printed circuit board of electronic components is also facing a new development opportunity.

      Multek (Multek) is a leading manufacturer of printed circuit board, the company vice president of David Asia operations Hunter said: "the production of a PCB often requires hundreds of processes, and wearable technology for the PCB performance requirements will be higher." Flextronics International (Flextronics) as a wholly owned subsidiary of multek product line includes traditional printed circuit boards, flexible printed circuit board, soft and hard composite plate, flexible circuit board module, touch solutions, optical and electronic materials and printing electronic design and manufacturing services etc.. At the beginning of the super Yi just began to design the first wearable product prototype, one of the main problems encountered is the fragility of the product. Wearable electronic products are very fragile, accidentally fell to the ground, the inside of the components immediately broken, therefore, we developed a technique called 'Ripstop' patented technology to protect the internal components and the PCB board is not easy to be damaged or broken."

     Secondly, the flexible PCB plate for before, even if the circuit board can be bent, usually only in one direction are folded, but in actual use of wearable electronic products, it is not enough. For example, Hunter said: "for example, a can be attached to the skin of the wearable electronic products for monitoring human health, because of the need, in the form of change can change shape on the surface of the skin, so in the design of the PCB requires the use of innovative technology can be extended, to track the user's various physical condition information." The demand for this type of multek, developed a new PCB dynamic flexible printed circuit board based on the original technology, provides three different forms of PCB specifications, can be folded, can be extended PCB PCB and flexible PCB, make the product can realize twisting, bending and folding in random angle. On the other hand, a wearable device test is the largest of the size of the products are often very small in size, trend of miniaturization and wearable device chip functions are more powerful, so how to solve the problem of heat dissipation of the whole PCB board can not be ignored.

     In addition, as an important part of the future of the Internet of things, the interconnection of wearable devices is the key, one is to ensure the speed of transmission, the two is to ensure the accuracy of the connection. With the increasing speed of the current digital signal transmission, the transmission rate of the PCB board will also affect the integrity of the high speed signal. In this regard, Hunter pointed out: "really can promote the circuit board signal transmission speed is the selection of materials, to maintain close relations of cooperation multek is working with some very powerful material suppliers, expect to use more new materials to improve the transmission quality target. At the same time, in the process of some high-speed material also has a certain degree of difficulty, we will invest in some new processing equipment and manufacturing technology, production design and manufacture of suitable solutions for customers, to help customers achieve the best cost control, keep good competitiveness in the market." It is understood that the transmission speed of the current solution multek provide can make products to 100Gb/s, 50Ghz, is the stage which can provide 50 GHz high frequency signal PCB in the next generation of suppliers, which means that the use of advanced technology multek can make products to advance into the new era of 5G in the field of communication technology, to meet the next innovation.

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